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The board of directors consists of four, Nami Kim, JW Park, Madeline Warren and Tracey Pitz. We currently have six active rescue members who are animal rights activists working tirelessly on the ground front line in Korea. SKD have a network of rescuer team in various cities all over Korea which had been built over the last seven years.

WHAT SKD SaveKoreanDogs and the Founder Nami Kim DO
Nami Kim is a retired professor used to teach comparative religious studies. She came into the cause full time when she decided retire early in 2011. Nami is the founder of SaveKoreanDogs, known as the first generation of dog meat trade campaigner in Korea, she is also a volunteer and a campaigner works with activists groups in several cities in Korea. Nami works with several groups that are on the front line in the battle against the Korean dog meat trade. Working tirelessly to save as many dogs as possible from this barbaric cruelty, the team also campaign vigorously and work to educate people on the horrors they contribute to by eating man’s best friend.
Nami Kim is a retired professor, also the Founder and Leader of the SaveKoreanDogs Organization, a non profit registered in Gimpo city, S. Korea where the shelter is located. Nami began saving meat farm dogs seven years ago and has built her name up as a leader in the Anti-Dog Meat Movement in Korea. Nami is trying to raise awareness on Dog Meat Issue internationally, goes into illegal meat farms, negotiates with the butchers bring them to the authorities to shut down, provide medical treatments and care for the dogs, and then finds them homes in the US and Canada when the dogs are warmed up to fly out. Nami works with activist groups in several cities all across Korea to spread awareness and on a governmental level to strengthen laws and legislation. Nami also organize anti-dog meat campaigns inside and outside of Korea during summer Boknal (three hottest days of summer eating dog meat), engage in dialogue with the government for the legislation change and trying hard to remove “dog” from the livestock list. Currently, the law stipulate “dog” is classified as “livestock”, meanwhile, Nami strives to make the suburban cities of Seoul go dog meat free one by one. Nami has been expanding her cities after the first Bucheon, now working on Jeonju. Nami I currently working with Gunsan city, waiting to meet with mayor Kang. Ansan city will be next. Currently 20 buses are on those cities of going future dog meat free.

DMF Dog Meat Free City Projects
Nami kim has been working on a city of Bucheon last three years. Bucheon is a suburban city of Seoul to become the very first dog meat free city. This was initiated by’s sister city campaign. Bucheon’s fJeriendship city in US was Bakersfield, the major Harvey of Bakersfield informed mayor Kim of Bucheon city and mayor Kim of Bucheon and we have been working together to make the city the very first city “Dog Meat Free” Mayor Kim is determined to turn this into the most Animal Friendly City in Korea. Currently, there is no more dog meat farms in the city, launched DMF project in June to get the dog meat restaurants to change the signs and menus. As of August 2018, the job is done 80% as there are less than a dozen of restaurants refused to change menu and signs. The city is now working on the remaining restaurants to change signs and menu and Nami now works on another city down south of the peninsular jeonju, three hours from Seoul. Mayor Kim Seung Soo is a charming vegan mayor who is determined to make it a cultural city with no dog meat in the city.

Meet The Team

Madeline Warren is an anti dog meat campaigner and adoption coordinator, and a director of SaveKoreanDogs. Madeline lives in Glasgow, Scotland. She fly to Korea and spends her summer for the anti dog meat campaign and spend time with our dogs at the shelter from 2015. Her days with us are during Boknal, three hottest day eating dog meat soup which spans over a month in July and August every summer. She has been with us from 2015 during the campaign and very successful with the media coverage. Her dedication to save the dogs this way is beyond description. We had 17 media including major TV station such as SBS, KBS abd MBC in summer 2016. Some Koreans we have met know Madeline “The British lady with the huge posters/signs at the city hall”
Madeline used to protested at the main entrance of national assembly hall of Korea which led our team to knock at the doors of the congressman Pyo and opened the doors to the government political level campaign for SaveKoreanDogs.

Tracey Pitz is based in Welland, near Toronto, Canada. Tracey joined SaveKroeanDogs as a director in 2017, she has been the admin of Auction page from July 2016, a big supporter of SKD. Auction funds used to take care of our vet bills and all other big bills. From 2018, the funds from the Auction will go to the bus banner ads (our first therapy dog, Sweet Caroline as a model) and a billboard in the city of Bucheon that is going to be the future dog meat free zone.
Here is the link. You can donated your used items and help the dogs.
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JW Park is one of the directors on board. JW is an architect based in Gimpo city where our shelter is located. He helps SKD with the local adoption and promotes 세이브코리안독스 SaveKoreanDogs in the local network. He also takes care of our shelter maintenance and management and our new training facility.

DH Kim is SKD’s legal adviser, he has taken cases from Nami fighting the butchers. DH is an author of animal welfare and its law, the very first book on animal law in Korea. He recently moved back to Seoul after serving at the government’s legal advisory committee. He is one of the partners of Yipyeong Law Firm specializing in animal related cases.

BK Jang is an active rescue member of SKD. BK has been working with Nami since 2013 transporting the dogs to the airport. BK rescues and volunteers at shelters all over Korea while working full time as an animal transporter.

Soo Kim Soo and Nami worked together in shutting down a meat farm in Ansan city in 2015. She rescues and feed the dogs at legal meat farms in her city and helps Nami in many ways. Soo lives in the city of Ansan, Nami and Soo are working together for a new project “Future Dog Meat Free City Ansan” and plan a big rescue in the city.

JG.Park Park is our neighbor who often goes out with Nami rescuing the dogs in danger of becoming a victim of dog meat trade. She rescued all her dogs and now lives with 60 dogs. JG owns a heavy equipment company and work full time but well known as a dog rescuer in the villages.

Kyung and Young
Kyung and Young are sisters volunteering weekly at our shelter. They drive 2-3 hours to be with the dogs and work till mid night. They also rescue dogs and cats in danger of getting slaughtered on the streets and private homes.

Aji, Our Animal Transporter
Aji has been with SKD for the last few hours sending the dogs to the airport and to our vets in three cities. He is a shy young man does not speak English but smiles all the time and get things done.

Kang Sung Ho is a certified trainer and the director of KKF (Korea Kennel Federation) teaches dog training at Hoseo college. He runs his own training school in Pyeongtaek city, south of Seoul. He trains the dogs playing in the movie and movie/TV star pets. He’s built up his name in dog training in Korea for that. We consult him dogs with behavioral issues.

BS Kim is a certified trainer and our training adviser. He runs his own training school in Ilsan city, western part of Seoul. He is currently doing his master’s degree on “Therapy Dogs and Depression”. He is the one who selected Sweet Caroline (out of three puppies) to become a therapy dog. Thanks to BS, Sweet Caroline is under therapy dog training in Burbank, California. BS offers his training expertise to our interns currently enrolled in the internship program and guides the interns on regular basis.

Mr.H.S Kim is an adviser of SaveKoreanDogs, he is in charge of animal welfare of Bucheon city that is going to be the very first city of “Dog meat Free Zone” in Asia. Mayor Kim, Man Soo of Bucheon city is determined to the ongoing “No More Dog Meat in the City” H.S Kim and Nami worked on several meat farms and puppy mills in the city. The largest 300 dogs meat farm shut down in summer 2016 was one of those. There is no dog meat farms in the city as of September 2017. H.S Kim and Nami are working on the dog meat restaurants to get the signs and the dog meat off the menu. As of March 2018, we have successfully shut down four dog meat restaurants and five are getting the dog meat off the menu. We have about a dozen more to work on in the year of 2018.

Jeonju, 2nd City going dog meat free, Task Team of Animal Welfare Plan

Another future dog meat free city? Nami met with mayor Kim of Jeonju city. This is one city with separate animal welfare unit in the city office whereas 99% of animal welfare is handled by animal disease control or livestock management unit in all the 80 cities across Korea.
Looks like one more city is going towards dog meat free. Mayor Kim is young and re-elected in June 2018. We will need to come up with numbers of dog farms and dog meat restaurants in the city. the master plan is out by the Task Team, so much work to do together.
Jeonju team in Jeonju city consists of four members. Jeonghee and her Action For Animals in the region is raising awareness about dog meat in the city. Jeonghee and Prof.Lim are the key members. Prof.Lim is a veterinarian teaching at the veterinary school of Chunbuk National University working together with the mayor and the team. I am invited by the city as an adviser of the Animal Welfare Master Plan Project commissioned by the city. Mr.Yang and Mr. Cho as a team is in charge of animal welfare plan going out to meet with dog farms and dog meat restaurants owners. As of July 2018, we have identified there are 19 dog meat restaurants in the city. Currently, the team is meeting with restaurant owners to encourage change menu and signs, or switch business type and shut down.
18th July, 2018 on our 3rd visit to Mayor Kim together with Jess Abella Gilroy (US animal rights activist), he has announced it that the city is going to be animal friendly and the task force team is formed. We have five buses running the streets of Jeonju from early May 2018.

1st Meeting in May 2018

2nd Meeting in June 2018, delivered petition signatures.

3rd Meeting in July 2018

5th Meeting with mayor Kim of Jeonju 10th October.


JOIN US! This is your chance to have a lasting impact for the innocent victims of this horrifically inhumane trade.