Nami Kim and her team of activists are on the front line in the battle against the Korean dog meat trade. Working tirelessly to save as many dogs as possible from this barbaric cruelty, the team also campaign vigorously and work to educate people on the horrors they contribute to by eating man’s best friend. Nami and her team also organize campaigns inside and outside of Korea during summer Boknal, engage in dialogue with the government. The Save Korean Dogs Organization was registered as an official Non-Profit Organization in July, 2016.

Meet The Team

Nami Kim is the Founder and Leader of the Save Korean Dogs Organization. She began saving meat farm dogs five and a half years ago and has quickly built her name up as a leader in the Anti-Dog Meat Movement in Korea. Nami goes into illegal meat farms, negotiates with the owners to shut down, treats the rescued dogs, and then finds them homes in the US and Canada. She also works with activist groups in cities all across Korea to spread awareness and on a governmental level to strengthen laws. Nami is up to legislation of the new animal protection law amendment working with Congressman Pyo, Chang Won, the chairman of Animal Welfare Committee of National Assembly of S. Korea.

Madeline Warren is a campaign coordinator of Savekoreandogs. Madeline lives in Glasgow Scotland and spend her summer in Korea during Boknal (three hottest day eating dog meat soup) days. She has been with us every summer and speaking for the dogs.

Mr.H.S Kim is an adviser of Savekoreandogs, he is in charge of animal welfare of the Bucheon city that is going to be the very first city of “Dog meat Free Zone” We worked on the 300 dogs meat farm together, he visits the villages to educate the people in the villages.

Jenny Kim is the Rescue Team Leader to Save Korean Dogs. Jenny is an advocate of Incheon city and has been working tirelessly with Nami for two years now. She has been learning from Nami how to investigate, and shut down many illegal meat farms, slaughterhouses, and dog meat restaurants, and illegal puppy mills. Jenny has been running the second, temporary shelter in Bucheon City where all the small breeds stay. [/su_column]
Sora Park is the Full-Time Caretaker to all the shelter dogs. Sora spends all her time, day in and day out, caring the dogs who have never know human kindness. Sora feeds and administers medication to all the dogs, cleans the entire shelter, and ensures the dogs are safe and comfortable. Sora is the most knowledgeable about each individual dog and their personality.

Ken Kim is basically an animal transporter at the shelter. Ken is a student trainer/dog whisperer gaining experience by working with our dogs at the shelter. Ken transports the dogs going to the airport and to the vets.

JOIN US! This is your chance to have a lasting impact for the innocent victims of this horrifically inhumane trade.