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Only Serious Homes Please

Thank you for offering your home to one of our dogs, all the dogs are rescued from dog meat trade in Korea, true survivors. All the dogs we post on this site are available for adoption, they are veterinary cleared and adoptable, ready to fly. Most dogs are healthy, spayed/neutered and received the required vaccinations by our vet Dr.Han on US and Canada quarantine standards.

It’s a life time commitment, think one hundred times before you send in the application. As a group of animal rights advocates, we are trying to bring a small change in dog meat trade in Korea. Please help us to save time. Only one out of thirty applications is valid. We, Nami Kim and our adoption coordinator Madeline Warren spend lots of time reviewing each application. If you have any questions please send us a message by facebook messenger.


Only fill out the application form after you have read all information on this site and click “Submit”. We need three photos of your home/house (prefer fenced front or back yard) for the dogs and three photos of your family members including your dogs.
A. 3 Photos of Your Home/House (Indoor/Outdoor) Please include your fenced yard. This is a MUST.
B. 3 Photos of Your Family Members/Dogs
Please use facebook messenger after you’ve sent your application. Thank you!

When we review and let you know if your applications has been approved within a week, sorry if you don’t hear from us after a week. We need to get connected with you by facebook messenger for further communications. We won’t be able to review your applications if you are not on facebook. Its hard to get updated when a home is without it as we have a group page where you can share and let us know how your dog is doing from your airport pick up to arrival of your home and update how to adjust to the new environment and so on. Cheap 2Mg Xanax Online

We have more than 1,600 shipments to US and Canada (as of first week of June 2018) over the past seven years, one shipment does not mean one dog flying but maximum 7 dogs average 2 dogs together. We have thousands of dogs living happily in US and Canada. It so unfortunate that we are able to send dogs to the US, Canada at the moment. (UK from time to time from February 2017 we opened the door to the UK & Commonwealth, EU, Singapore. No Australia and Hawaii, no vets in Korea will do the papers for the two countries) Because of quarantine rules and regulations, it takes as long as 4-6 months to the UK/EU or sooner depending on rabies anti body blood tests results. The process to the US and Canada is more straight forward and simple. No adoptions possible for Australia and Hawaii at this time. It takes a year and no vet wants to do the papers to Australia.

Individual home adopters receiving the dogs by cargo pay for the airfare and all other expenses involved with the shipment such as crates, animal transporter to the airport, issue of the certificates/papers and quarantine inspection. It normally costs $300 in addition to the flight costs. From time to time we take care of these when we can afford it but it is normally included in the total shipment costs.

Prior to these, we pay vet bills such as vaccinations and spay/neuter surgery. This also includes certain blood tests such as heartworm. Treating heartworm is a long process and quite costly (minimum $400 -$800 depending on the weight) takes 2 months for the procedure of all the treatment and must wait 4 months to the last “Clearance”

When you pick your own dog/s you want to adopt, I can give you an estimate of the flight costs based on the crate size, weight and destination. Once you made the decision then I get back to you with precise estimate from the cargo office. There is $200-$300 difference by one size bigger(or smaller) that is why we try hard to have the dogs in one size small to save the costs but the airline cargo inspectors always insist on the bigger crates which we end up changing to bigger crates at the cargo boarding. We will refund you if you have paid more than the airway bill issued plus other expenses for your dog’s shipment. FYI, the cargo office is closed weekends. We book and ship from Monday to Friday.

First month is very important to the dog/s you adopted and you as a family, being out of Kennel/Korea is a strange new planet they are experiencing, new soil, new smell, new faces and so on. The adopters are required to update weekly and share the progress in our group page, SaveKoreanDogs Success Stories. This is why we do not accept any applications from those without facebook account. They never update the dogs when we have a platform for sharing the stories of the dogs in the new homes. You can share anything of the dogs and you daily, weekly or monthly. Thank you!
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What Medical Care Is Given to Rescued Dogs?

We invite our vet Dr.Han to come over to our shelter to do vaccinations and health check-ups after each rescue. Dr.Han visits our shelter regularly to check on the dogs minimum twice a month. Basically, two vaccinations are required, DHPP/DHPPL and Rabies in the case of US and Canada. As for DHPP, we use Vanguard Plus 5L4.

In the case of puppies less than six months, we normally do four shots including kennel cough and parvo. We also run heartworm test for each dog. Those malnourished must wait till fit to take the vaccinations and treatments. It takes longer for the underweight dogs.

After vaccinations, dogs are under de-worming process for a week, then sterilization follows. We spay/neuter all dogs with an exception of those younger than 6-8 months depending on breeds. Same for treating heart worm, as it is only found in those about 12 months old or above. Not all dogs have heartworm but chances are high for the positive if more than a year. For de-worming after vaccinations, we use Drontal for the dogs.

The government quarantine office of Korea requires vaccination and health certificates to the application of quarantine papers approved and inspection to issue a permit to fly. The US and Canada require the two vaccinations, Rabies and DHPPL/DHPPL for quarantine inspection.

See the photos below.

For de-worming, Drontal is used for the first week followed by Metrogyl or Metronidazole for tapeworm.

For heart worm prevention, Ivomec and Heartguard on monthly basis, 25th of every month we adminster.

For flea and ticks, only (during summer)

These are what we use for the dogs. We try to keep the dogs as healthy as possible with limited resources.

If you adopt a dog/s, you are responsible for medical care costs after your dog arrives. We cannot support paying for adopters' vet bills, when it is solely the adopters' responsibility once the dog/s is in your hand. You are responsible for all future vet bills.

Are the Dogs Toilet Trained?

Due to the huge number of heads and the limited space, our dogs are not toilet trained for living in a house. It’s not possible, all our rescues are farmed dogs for their meat and then even came to under our care but due to limited space, they live with more than one in a kennel. They do their business everywhere in the kennel. So my choice/priority when choosing a home from the applications is that it has a fenced yard. I suggest to begin with, that adopters leave their doors open to the backyard or have the pads on the floor inside.

How Do the Dog Flights Work?

Xanax Online Cheap, Buy Real Xanax Bars Online

For now, dogs are flown to the following international airports where direct flights from Seoul/Incheon International Airport. Our SaveKoreanDogs Sanctuary/shelter is located 1-2 hours from the airport depending on the traffic. We try to use direct flight only as it takes 11 hours to West Coast and 13 hours to East Coast. Why we avoid transfer/layover is that I can’t let the dogs wait long hours again at the airport and then get on the connecting flight when it’s already more than ten hours of flight to go across the Pacific. As for Korean Air we use frequently for all the dogs flying out, there is a comfortable live animal compartment with auto temperature controller and quite comfortable.

These are the cities with direct flights. Please note its by cargo:
If your dog is flying by Korean Air, they are as follows. Its a daily flight to the below destinations. It takes a couple of hours at the customs clearance and please be noted that the arrival can not be on time as scheduled. Please call the airport and allow a couple of hours of delay. Please note there is time difference, US and Canada continent is 13 to 16 hours behind Korea, your pick up day is same as departure day in Korea.

  • West Coast: LA, SF, Seattle, Las Vegas, Vancouver
  • Most flights to West Coast arrival time are from 10 am to 11 am.

    Los Angeles: KE017 arriving LAX at 9 am + 1 hour
    Settle: KE019 arriving Ohare at 11 am + 1 hour
    San Francisco: KE 023 arriving SFO at 9:30 am + 1 hour
    Las Vegas: KE KE 005 arriving at 4 pm + 1 hour
    Vancouver: KE071 arriving YVR at 11 am + 1 hour

  • East Coast: NY, Washington DC, Toronto
  • New York: KE081 arriving JFK at 10 am
    Washington: KE 093 arriving Dulles airport at 9 am + 1 hour
    Toronto: KE 073 arriving Pierson airport at 9:30 am + 1 hour

  • Other Cities: Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas/Texas
  • Chicago: KE 037 arriving Ohare at 9 am + 1 hour
    Atlanta: KE 035 arriving at Heartfields Jackson at 9:30 am + 1 hour
    Dallas/Texas: KE 031 arriving Forthworth at 9 am + 1 hour

    If by UA, UA 892 is the daily flight bound for San Francisco and dogs get on the connecting flights in SFO to their destinations. This is why UA require your ID and SSN number for customs clearance at the San Francisco airport.

Among all the destinations, Toronto is the most expensive and flies three times a week depending on the season. Airline cargo requires a minimum 4 business days booking in advance. Upon acceptance/approval of your application for adoption, we make arrangements for the quarantine papers and cargo schedule for the dog. Once your payment is made (for the transporting costs), I can put the dog on a flight. Your payment must come to our non profit charity account on our website, http://savekoreandogs.org/adoption-costs-fees/

The photos below show how it works.

Korean Air Destinations
New York(JFK), NY, United States - John F. Kennedy
Washington(IAD), DC, United States - Dulles
Chicago(ORD), IL, USA - O`Hare
Los Angeles(LAX), CA, United States
Seattle(SEA), WA, United States
Dallas(DFW), TX, United States - Fort Worth
Detroit(DTW), MI, United States - Metropolitan Wayne County
Houston(IAH), TX, United States - George Bush Intercontinental
Las Vegas(LAS), NV, United States - McCarran
Atlanta(ATL), GA, United States - Hartsfield-Jackson
San Francisco(SFO), CA, United States
Toronto(YYZ), ON, Canada - Pearson
Vancouver(YVR), BC, Canada

Korean Air branch offices at those direct flight destinations will call you to inform you where to pick up your dog(s) and customs clearances, or (if less than a week booking) you call the office with the reservation confirmation/airway bill number I send you a couple of hours later upon booking.

After the dogs get on board and moved to the live animal compartments, REAR 5 of the aircraft and it has auto temperature control in it.

Sometimes, small size dogs total weight of the dog and crate is less than 5 kg, you are allowed to take the dog into the cabin and placed under your seat. Please note that the weight has to be less than 5 kg if you want the dog in the cabin.

We also sometimes use United Airlines (UA) cargo to San Francisco and to Canada, Toronto and Vancouver. Flight costs by United Airlines is half of what Korean Air charges. (Please take a note UA does not accept any live animals as the airline is currently under embargo) UA daily flight UA892 flying out of Incheon/Seoul international airport offers only one destination that is San Francisco (SFO). For the dog to get on connecting flights to other cities in US needs a few hours lay over at SFO. Customs clearance in SFO to other cities in the US require your Social Security number and ID. THIS APPLIES TO US CITIZENS ONLY. CANADIAN CITIES DO NOT REQUIRE THIS.
If you are in the US and your dog is flying by United Airline and getting on connecting flight to other cities in the US, please call 650 872 1225, email SFO@coppersmith.com or mk.sunoo@united.com (UA Branch office in Korea) for customs clearance in SF. The website has all the info you need. http://www.coppersmith.com/
Sometimes the dog stay overnight at the SFO airport, they do have an excellent pet care service for that. https://www.united.com/ual/en/US/fly/travel/animals/petsafe.html
FYI, United Airlines does not allow anything else in the crate other than the water bowl, no jackets, no vest, no harnesses.

We prefer Korean Air that is the most expensive, but fly direct to the destinations. Let's make the flights short, as short as possible as this will reduce the stresses.
Its best you come to these cities with international airport with direct flights from Seoul for pick up and drive home with your dog. West coast LA, SF, Seattle, Las Vegas, Vancouver, for East Coast: NY, Washington DC, Toronto, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas.

What Does it Cost to Fly a Dog?

Each of the following steps require a payment:

    • 1. Cargo freight fee by the airline

1) We use Korean Air extensively as it offers direct flight to the most international airports in US and Canada. I get estimate for you based on the dog, the crate size and the weight.
2) We try to put the dogs into smaller crate(s) as the dogs sleep through the flight. We are often asked to change to bigger crate(s) at the cargo terminal inspection by the airline on the day of departure. Airway bill is issued based on the crate size and weight after boarding. What I can give you only the estimate as we are often asked to change the crate to a bigger size.

    • 2. We take care of all the vet bills such as all the required vaccinations, spaying/neutering and heartworm treatment. As of February 2018, we are unable to donate the items below. We have been donating the crates since March 2017 and other costs/expenses involved with each shipment as below. I am so sorry to say we can not afford this anymore. There will be $300 more to the airfare by cargo

1) animal transporter fee to the airport. Two trips to the airports are required for East Coast bound as those depart early in the morning (5:30 am to 6:30) the quarantine office is open at 9 am. So it must be done before the day of departure. Two trips to the airport costs us $300
2) issue of health certificates, health check and quarantine papers by vets and quarantine inspection fee at the airport.
3) toll fee of two highways to the airport, parking fee at the airport.
4) Crates, harnesses, leashes, collars, water bottles, jackets (for winter only)

    • 3. FYI, crates sizes are from the smallest 250 international standard to the largest 550

1) Those bigger than 550 will need the super giant size (or 550 wooden bar extension) for large breeds such as Hound/Tosa or Retriever, Malamute.
2) We go by CM in Korea. For most of the dogs we have are for two sizes at the moment. International standard crate size 450 is 65cm X 76 cm X 110 cm and a bigger size standard 550 is 74 cm X 60 cm X 110 cm.

Airline cargo requires a minimum 4 business days booking in advance. The office is closed weekends. Please be reminded that due to the time differences, you pick up the dogs on the same day they depart from the airport here. Airline quotes/estimates for transporting a dog are based on the size of the crate and weight. We try to have them in proper crates but are often asked to change to bigger crate on the cargo inspection before getting on board. This means actual flight cost is determined at the cargo and airway bill is issued accordingly.

For the first step to adopt a dog;
1. pick your dog first (so that I know what size crate is needed for your dog) and tell us your nearest international airport from you, then I can quote you how much it will cost. We try to have the dogs in the smaller crates but at the airline cargo, we are often asked to change to bigger crates. Its all determined by the LIVE ANIMAL inspection by the airline cargo at the airport. Flight cost ranges from $400 for the smallest crate 250 size to $1,800 for the largest crate 550 size per dog.

Crate sizes are small, medium and large, each S, M.L again comes in two sizes. If the dogs are less than 8 kg (about 20 lbs) and less than 6 months-old, two can be shipped in one crate. It will be less by 30%. That is why I always ask potential homes to look for another home. You can take two puppies less than 8 kg in a crate and you can save a few hundreds of dollars.

What Happens at the Departure Airport?

We take care of all the process involved in transporting our rescue dogs.

We bring the dog to the airport on the day of travel, if it is early morning flight like to East Coast, JFK, Dulles, Chicago, Dallas and Toronto, we have the quarantine inspection done before the day. This means two trips are required for a dog flying to East Coast. After the inspection at the Animal Quarantine before the day of departure (for East Coast) or on the day of departure (for West Coast), we move to the cargo terminal where another inspection is done by airline cargo officials with the Live Animal Check List Standards. When the green light is given, the cargo issues an airway bill which we have to pay on the day based on the crate size and weight. The total cost is determined on the day of shipping when the airway bill is issued on the departure date at the cargo terminal at Seoul/Incheon international airport.

Korean Air branch office in your home country (where your dog is flying) will call you, or you call them if your booking is less than four working business days. This is to confirm if you are the receiver of the dog(s) and will tell you where you can pick up your dog(s) and give you full information about customs clearance. You must bring your ID to the airport cargo terminal to pick up your dog as the quarantine papers and the airway is under your name. There will be $50 – 100 (depending on the airport, I hear Toronto Pierson charges 200 CAD) for a customs clearance fee.

We would love to have some photos/videos of your dog landing at your pick up airport. For these dog meat trade survivors getting out of Korea itself is a success stories. Please share in our group page. We would really appreciate it. href=”https://www.facebook.com/groups/263016840787841/”>

To the adopters, please do not open the crate door in the open areas, make sure its enclosed for water and stretch, pee and poop. Once you take your dog (s) home with you, they need extra care as most of the dogs have not experienced caring hands or home environment. Please give him/her plenty of water and TLC as he/she has just endured a long journey. Please do not open the crate door till you are in an enclosure.

What Should I Prepare For My New Dog?

Bringing Your New Dog Home

Preparation, patience, and love are key to building a happy home

The key to helping your new dog make a successful adjustment to his or her new home is being prepared and being patient. It can take anywhere from two days to two months (and for very traumatized dogs even longer) for you and your pet to adjust to each other and your other family members. The following tips can help ensure a smooth transition.

First, gather your dog’s supplies

Prepare the things your dog will need in advance. You’ll need a collar and a harness and leash, food and water bowls, food, and, of course, some toys. And don’t forget to order an identification tag right away. You will need a dog bed. Please have your dog double leashed, a harness is a must when you take your dog for a walk. Your dog may want to explore the new world and sniff around. We’ve had cases dogs runaway during the walks, please make sure you have the harnesses, make sure double leashed. Please double check its all TIGHT before walking.

At the airport, the crate will have a leash (we don't use leather products) water bottle and small pouch of dog food attached on the crates. You are advised to come to the airport with fresh water. Also, bring some home cooked chicken and rice. They will love that. We don't let the dogs eat (we get them to fast) before the day of departure because they tend to throw up on the way to the airport. They will be very hungry after almost no food for over 20 hours.

Plan your dog's arrival

Try to arrange the arrival of your new dog for a weekend or when you can be home for a few days. Get to know each other and spend some quality time together.

You dog/s would have been under enormous stress, with a long drive to the airport before departure, noises at the cargo terminal, and being in the live animal compartment for over 11 hours to the West Coast or 14 hours to the East Coast. The amount of stress during the long journey may cause your dog/s to have diarrhea for the first two days.

Don't forget the jealousy factor—make sure you don't neglect other pets and people in your household!
Be patient and enjoy the results

Pick up at the airport

Please do not open the crate doors in an open area. Make sure you have the leash on the collar before opening the crate door. Let the dogs to smell you to get to know you. It is advisable to sit in front of the crate to wait for the dogs to get to know you.

Please make sure to provide fresh water for your new dog. As you know your pet traveled many hours to finally meet you. You are sure to make a good friend, if you bring some plain cooked chicken with rice as they wouldn't have eaten for a while (blend ingredients enough not to upset their tummy). Also - if possible - clean the crate as it might be soiled on arrival. Please make sure your new dog is secured on a leash as they might be confused about the new smells, new faces, new soil and location.

I've Decided to Adopt. What Should I Do Before Applying?

You will need the following information when filling out the application form.

  • The nearest international airport from your home
  • Your full name, full address and your cell phone number
  • I must have it as the Korean cargo complains the phone number you provide is unreachable. We need your cell number.

  • At least three photos of your home/house (fenced front/backyard are preferred) and three of your family photos are required. (or your dog’s photos) This is MUST attach to the applications together with minimum six photos of your home and family member.
  • How you wish to make the payment. Payment should be made in advance for us to make the reservation with the airline cargo. We use Korean Air cargo if not Asiana, from time to time United Airlines for low budget homes
  • We want to be updated on how the dog is doing/setting in at your home. Please photos/videos of the dog(s) daily or weekly in the first month as the first month is very important to us and the dog(s), share with the group, Save Korean Dogs Success Stories. It could be new discoveries, the whole stories of process of each day or interesting stories you would like to share with other homes. href=”https://www.facebook.com/groups/263016840787841/”>

Also, after I receive your application form, I will also make an international call/facebook messenger call to speak to you personally when I have more questions to ask apart from your application. I always want to make sure the potential homes have front/backyard for the dogs to play and feel the grass under their paws.

To fill out an application form, please go to the Application Form menu. Thank you for reading this before filling out your application. Please send in the applications first before any inquiring emails.

Please be reminded you are required to attach this in your applications.
At least three photos of your home/house (fenced front/backyard yard preferred) and three of your family photos are required. This is a MUST attach to the applications together with minimum six photos of your home and family members.

After the Adoption, We would like to remind you that we must be updated on how the dog is doing/setting in at your home. Please make sure you post the photos/videos of the dog(s) daily or weekly share with the group, Save Korean Dogs Success Stories. Thank you!

Cheap 2Mg Xanax Online

It could be daily, weekly or monthly how your new dog is doing in your home, new discoveries, the whole stories of process of each day or interesting stories you would like to share with other homes. Happy ending stories, Happy tails all the way. Thank you!