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DWB and SKD have been working together since 2017. DWB is based in Los Angeles, taking in dogs from SKD rescued from dog meat trader in Korea and replace/rehome them for happy endings in California. Its been a wonderful partnership.

Lime is one of two one-eyed dogs rescued from a dog meat market by another group in Seoul. The other is Piri. At first, no one wanted either of them, and they spent a year at the shelter before going to foster homes, and then eventually back to the shelter again. Thankfully, both boys were […]

Piri is one of two one-eyed dogs rescued from a dog meat market by another group in Seoul. The other is Lime. At first, no one wanted either of them, and they spent a year at the shelter before going to foster homes, and then eventually back to the shelter again. Thankfully, both boys were […]

Ricky is one of five puppies rescued by Nami’s team from a dog trader’s truck at the Moran dog meat market last July. He was close to passing away from Parvo but recovered. All of the puppies were stricken with both Parvo and Coronavirus. All but one of them survived. Ricky found his new home […]

Apple is a Cocker Spaniel who was abandoned at a shelter. At eight years old and with various health issues, she was unwanted and about to be euthanized. Aside from her illnesses, she was losing her eye sight. A foster home in Seoul adopted Apple and raised funds locally to take care of all her […]

Dean was rescued from a fire station when he was two months old. Fostered by a crew member, he eventually became too big to keep in an apartment. Dean spent nine months at a boarding facility. Because of his size, there was no where else to take him and the rescuer could not afford to […]

Lily was rescued and then fostered by Kristine, a volunteer on Nami’s team. Then another team volunteer, Angie, fostered her. From there, Angie’s sister took over fostering for a bit. Finally, when they were ready to find Lily a home, Angie’s sister just could let Lily go and decided to adopt her. Lily is now […]

Sunshine was rescued from a dog farm with 50 dogs. The rescue was completed in September; the meat supplier surrendered all 43 dogs to Nami’s team. Sunshine was with Somang and Huchi, the most traumatized dogs. They were directly in front of the slaughter scene. Sunshine is now enjoying a new life in Green Valley, […]

Prince used to live with a homeless old man. The old man died on the street and Prince was left alone. One girl called a shelter telling them that dog traders were trying to catch him. The shelter rescued Prince. At first, he look lonely without the old man. He was almost a victim of […]