Dogs Available for Adoption

Welcome to SaveKoreanDogs, the dog meat trade survivors! These dogs in the available list are done with basic veterinary care, vaccinated, medically cleared and ready to fly. All in the list are vaccinated as required by US and Canada quarantine requirements, DHPP/DHPPLL and Rabies. We spayed/neuter the dogs right after the dogs came to our care straight from the meat farms and slaughterhouses.

From time to time, those still under treatments such as heartworm, skin issues, or malnourished are not listed. Currently, all are fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered and health checked. FYI, those less than 6 months are not spayed/neutered.Some found with heartworm positive are being treated two by two, three by three. We would like to share the burden of treatment process, if you can take of it after adoption, we can sponsor half of the treatment costs. It takes minimum two full months as its in three stages, 3-4 weeks of pre treatment is needed before Immiticide injection, after the big shot four weeks of post treatment and test kit after a month will determine its clearance.

We need to mention that we won’t be able to describe exact weight as they gain so much weight after our care. The difference is huge. As for Linda (lives in Seattle now) was found so malnourished upon rescue but gained 9 kg (20 pounds) over three months since the rescue in February 2017. The weight ranges, as for Jindo mix its normally 20 to 35 pounds, for Hound/Tosa mix, they are minimum 50 to 60 pounds.
Please read the adoption process before you pick your dog. Thank you!

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