Dogs Available for Adoption

The dogs in the available list are done with veterinary care, cleared and ready to fly. All are spayed/neutered and healthy. Those still under treatments such as heartworm or skin, malnourished are not in the list yet.
The dogs are survivors of dog meat trade, we need to mention that we won’t be nable to describe their weight as they gain so much weight after our care. The difference is huge. As for Linda (lives in Seattle now) she was found malnourished but gained 9 kg (20 pounds) over three months since the rescue in February 2017. The weight ranges, as for Jindo mix its normally 30 to 40 pounds, for Hound(Tosa) mix, they are minimum 50 to 60 pounds.
Please read the adoption process before you pick your dog. Thank you! Nami Kim

300 Dog Meat Farm- 2016
Hong's Farm Dogs
Slaughterhouse 16
project Save 70 - Junkyard Meat Farm
Incheon Puppy Mill Dogs owned by a hoarder