We are always looking for FLIGHT VOLUNTEERS!

We need flight volunteers the most. A flight volunteer means a person escorting one or two dogs to US or Canada flying out from Seoul/Incheon international airport in S.Korea. If you are flying by any of the below airlines, you can fly with a dog or two, most of the airlines allow two dogs (two crates) as extra baggage, we pay for the fee.

If you have booked tickets to travel with the following, please contact Nami Kim, SaveKoreanDogs by facebook messenger, or email savekoreandogs12@yahoo.com

    • Korean Air
    • Two dogs allowed as extra baggage, they charge us $200 per dog if less than 32 kg
      (including the crate weight) if the total weight is above 32 kg we pay $400. We take care of it.

    • Asiana Airlines
    • Same as Korean Air

    • Air Canada
    • One dog is allowed.

    • Singapore Airline
    • only those with weight below 32 kg are allowed.

    • United Airline
    • flying out of Seoul/Incheon airport priority is given to the military families/
      members based in Korea. However, a small crate less than 8 kg can be brought to cabin and placed
      under your seat.

    • Delta Airline
    • Same as above United Airline.

We need you! Most airlines allow a passenger to fly with two dogs(with an exception of Air Canada. AC allows one dog only) We pay the $200 extra baggage fee (fixed rate) per dog regardless crate size and weight if below 32 kg/65 pounds. We pay $400 which is double if the dogs weight is above 32 kg up to 45 kg. We can save a lot as much as US$1,000 on the flight costs as compared to Cargo freight. Those small size dogs less than 6 kg is allowed in the cabin, this means you can fly with as many as three dogs.

Flight volunteers must call and inform the airline and book the space in the live animal compartment in advance that you are travelling with two dogs in two separate crates. This is to secure the space/slots in the live animal compartment in the aircraft in advance. Please call the airline and reserve the space if you are in touch with us as a flight volunteer. We often hear the space is taken up when we called, its best done asap. If you are too busy to do that, we can call the airline with your reservation number. Thank you!

What we need;
1. Airline and your flight number, date and time of estimated arrival time. Pls send us your ticket reservation.
2. Copy of your passport for the quarantine inspection (We can do it before we meet at the check in counter)
3. Your full address and Phone number either in Korea or in the US.
Meanwhile what you need to do;
4. Please call the airline and inform them that you are travelling with two dogs and let them have the below crate size.
This is one common example that apply to most of our dogs. Most of the dogs dogs do not survive over a year. Our dogs are mostly less than a year old.
Age: 10 months
Crate Size: height 60 cm x width 55 cm x length 80 cm
Weight:15 kg (including the crate weight)
Breed: Jindo

The dogs you are flying with are going to be under your name. Our vets will issue the medical certificates under your name. This is why we need your info, copy of your passport, home address and phone number.

Please send us a copy of your passport, this is for us to do the quarantine inspection at the airport as our animal transporter do all the procedure and meet you at your airline check in counter. If you wish not to send us the copy, you can join us at the quarantine office, you can just bring your passport and show it to the officers/government vets. The quarantine office is located at the departure hall, at the back of line F.
We have a new airport terminal 2 opened recently and please be advised that Korean Air is located at terminal 2, the new terminal. The quarantine office is on the second floor of the departure hall. We can meet you there or we meet you at the check in counter of your airline.

The airlines will ask you for the size of the crate and the total weight. Below is the standard average two crate size using for flight volunteers.
450 standard size
height 60 cm x width 55 cm x length 80 cm
550 standard size
height 65 cm X width 75 cm X length 110 cm

Both crates size weigh 8-10 kg.
The weight of average Jindo Mix ranges from is 10 kg (22 lbs) to 15 kg (33 lbs) Please inform your airline and the crate size details and the dogs weight (giving them 10 kg is safe). This is to secure the space in advance in the live animal compartment. Thank you.

When you apply for a flight volunteer, I need sometime to look for a foster or forever home to received the dog(s) at the airport of your destination. The arrangement may needs a couple of weeks.
We, with the dogs you are flying with meet you at the airport and take care of everything for you. You don’t have to pay anything or worry about anything! We need your full name and address/phone number in advance to do the local quarantine inspection papers ready. We can do the quarantine procedure without you if you can provide us with a copy of your passport. We will have the dogs prepared in crates and have all the required health/vaccinations and meet you at the check in counter of your airline. The dogs are considered as your extra baggage and we pay the extra baggage fee.
Thank you for flying with the dogs. You are not only saving the dogs but saves our funds! Thank you!!!

The below video shows one of the frequent flight volunteers for SaveKoreanDogs.
At Incheon/Seoul International Airport before getting on board.

Upon arriving at your destination, arrival hall you will see the dogs on the cart near baggage claim. The dog was checked in as an extra baggage, the dogs are brought over to the baggage claim at the arrival hall. You can use a porter to assist you with the cart (We pay you $10 for that) Just walk out of the gate and the adopter or foster home or pick up person/receiver of the dogs will meet you at the gate. The pick up person/home/adopter won’t miss you as you are coming out of the gate with the dog in the crate. That’s it! Please don’t forget to take a few photos. Thank you for flying with the dogs!

FYI, Toronto airport can be very strict when a rescue group is picking up the dog(s). We send a commercial invoice together attached on the crate. Please show this to the officer at the airport.

If you are flying out of Seoul or come across anyone else flying out who wants to help, please let us know at savekoreandogs12@yahoo.com or contact by messenger https://www.facebook.com/SaveKoreanDogs/

Thank you!!!

For Korean readers.
탑승객 봉사자 여러분께,
우리 구조된 개와 같이 동행해 주셔서 감사합니다. 저희 개는 모두 보신탕이 될 뻔한 아이들로써 미국이나 캐나다로 입양을 갑니다. 한 두 생명을 구해주시는 것 뿐만이 아니라 경비를 많이 줄 일 수 있습니다. 예를 들어 카고로 갈 때 $1000 불이 든다면 이렇게 탑승객과 갈 때 $200불 (총 무게 32 키로 이하) 만약 32 킬로가 넘을 땐 그 배가 되는 $400 불을 저희 단체가 초과 수하물로 지불하게 됩니다. 그러니 많은 절약이 됩니다. 같이 동행하는 개는 저희 구조 입양 파트너인 미국단체나 임보집으로 가게 되는 경우가 많습니다. 만약 여권 사본을 주실 수 있다면 저희 직원이 동행하는 개의 검역을 받고 당일 카운터에서 만나서 같이 항공사 체크인하면 됩니다. 보통 출발 시간 3시간 전에 공항에서 만납니다. 체크인하실 때 약간의 시간만 내주시면 되고 저희가 다 알아서 합니다.
보통 10 시간이 넘는 긴 여행입니다. 목적지 공항 도착시 수하물 찾는 찾는 곳으로 공항 직원이 개를 데려다 줍니다. 짐을 다 찾으신 후 포터를 불러 카트를 밀어 달라 부탁하시고 같이 출구로 나가시면 입양자나 픽업하는 분들이 출구 밖에서 기다릴 겁니다. 그 때 케이지를 넘겨주시면 됩니다. 가시기 전 사진 한 장 찍어주시면 감사하겠습니다. 위 동영상을 보시면 공항에서의 장면과 도착시의 장면이 들어있습니다.
한국서 소위 육견이라 불리는 불쌍한 아이들을 구해 주시는 데 동참해 주셔서 감사합니다.

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