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Xanax Meds Online, Alprazolam Buy Canada

Dear Visitors/Volunteers,

Welcome to SKD, SaveKoreanDogs! Our shelter is strictly run by volunteers with one part time carer. You can come and stay with us anytime once we’ve approved your application. Your job is walking the dogs to the West Sea trail or to our dog park next to the shelter, or help us clean up the kennels and feed the dogs. We have a guest room for two (a bunker bed) and two vegetarian meals are provided. We do not accept meat eaters.

Savekoreandogs Sanctuary View
Cheap 2Mg Xanax Online

SaveKoreanDogs operates out of the sanctuary. The shelter is Nami’s house that was turned into a shelter in early 2016. Shelter has a system that has been built over the years since the first shelter in Incheon city in early days. Nami lives at he shelter cooks most of the time but you can cook your own. No red meat is allowed unless its for the sick dogs recovering from health issues. Breakfast is bread and vegetable margarine or cereal with Soya milk. We do not use leather products in the shelter, most of the things we use in the kitchen and bathrooms are eco-friendly as we are surrounded by rice paddy fields and the West Sea. The whole area is under the city’s preservation plan.

Although we are isolated in the rice paddy fields, SKD Sanctuary is not far from Seoul, 1-2 hours (depending on the traffic) north of Seoul facing the West Sea, nearer to North Korea than Seoul. Rice farmers lanes and West Sea Bike trail is the perfect country road to walk the dogs, the trailer leads you to the Sea. There is a ginseng farm, two orchards, camping ground and a lotus pond near us. You get to see spider nets in our shelter everywhere. Sunset is spectacular, very picturesque and peaceful surroundings for dogs to go for walks.
Unfortunately, no public transportation is available as its location is in a small village far from the main traffic roads. We can be reached by taxis only, most taxis have GPS to guide taxi drivers.

If you are looking for a perfect shelter we are not for you. We are still in the making for the better after seven years full time in the fight of dog meat trade and anti dog meat campaign in Korea. SKD Sanctuary has 34 kennels total, each kennel houses 1- 2 dogs. We try not to keep too many dogs especially during winter. No matter how clean it was before the day, next morning what you see is nothing but poops everywhere. Some dogs poop and pee five times a day. If you are visiting us before 10 am, it may look like what we call here "Poop Fields" but once its cleaned after feeding breakfast, it needs to be clean again. Kennels need constant cleaning. Basically we clean up the kennels twice a day but morning clean up involves lot more works. Those under de-worming process have watery stool sometimes. Some volunteers frown at poops and smell but that is part of our shelter. From time to time, some new intake dogs bark and howl whole night. Only those sick dogs are allowed indoor.

Feeding Time
We feed the dogs twice a day, breakfast is in between 9 am - 10 am evening at 5 - 6 pm mostly depending on the season. Dinner is at 4 pm during Winter as it gets dark by 5 pm.

You will need to clean your own room and do your own laundry, washing machine is in living room and cook your own meal.


We recommend you walk the dogs mostly and help us clean up the kennels. We have not seen many volunteers who want to clean up or sweep or mop the floor. We would like you to spend time with the dogs sitting in the kennels or walk and play at the park. We do not have any aggressive dogs at the moment, most dogs crave attention and love. Some of the dogs are afraid of humans and a little traumatized but we work on them. They need our caring hands and gentle tender loving care. Dogs are kept in the kennels at night, during the day those not reactive are out of the kennel playing if not spend time at our dog park next to our shelter.

FYI, none of the local volunteers or our full time carer speak English. Even Nami's English is not perfect, English is her 4th language she writes and speaks basic English. You may have some communication barriers other than experiencing cultural differences. We believe you may have lots of questions while you are here with us. We are willing to make improvements if you advise us but we've had a few visitors telling us what to do. Its normally why is it that you do this way? Yes, there are cultural differences and something unique/strange about Korean way of doing things and getting things done. The below link may help you to understand some of our behaviors that is very Korean. Some love it some do not like it.

Order Xanax Online Legit

Buy Liquid Xanax

I would briefly like to get to know you better if you are interested in coming and staying with us as a volunteer or as an intern for a period of 2-3 months. Please answer some of your questions and email us. savekoreandogs12@yahoo.com Thank you!

1. Your nationality, what country are you from?
2. Age group/Your occupation.
3. How long would you like to stay? If you are coming for a month or so we need a separate application. I suggest you join our internship program being offered to the interns to learn about dogs behaviors. Our adviser/trainer BS Kim can guide you through this. BS is a certified dog trainer.
4. Do you have any experiences with dogs training/rehabilitation in the past?
5. Would you be able to handle a dog that is traumatized or reactive? If yes, do you have the patience to help the dog/s?
6. Would you be willing to sacrifice some of the things you enjoy? We don't watch TV, no entertainment in a tiny village where our shelter is located. Internet connection is fine, Wifi works indoor and around the shelter.
Thank you!

Han's Dog Park

The park is donated by Nami Kim's 93 year old mom. Its not fully ready yet but getting shaped. Its for the dogs with behavioral issues to be trained by our trainer BS Kim and S.H Kang for the interns to learn about the dogs. We offer an internship program on monthly basis. We welcome and accept interns/volunteers who can help us at the shelter for a period of 2-3 months if you would like to offer your time and love for the dogs. No fee, no pay is involved with it other than accommodation (bunker beds) and two or three meals. You will need to pay everything for yourself.

Cheap 2Mg Xanax Online

Shelter Indoor

Living Room


Nami’s Room

Nami lives at the shelter.

Guest Room

Carer’s Room with bathroom attached