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We need FOSTER HOMES, too.

Fostering is temporarily caring for a dog as if it were your own. Fosters are people who have time and love to give, but can’t commit to that dog forever. Fostering involves providing food, shelter, and appropriate medical care to the dog(s) until a permanent home can be found. Since we are thousands mile apart, we need your application form for fostering a dog too.

Things To Consider Before Fostering:

1) Am I willing and able to keep this dog until a new home is found?
Generally, fostering does not have a time limit. It is a responsibility and should be viewed as such. For the most part, puppies find homes quicker than older dogs or those with special needs. Can you keep a dog for weeks or months? We can not guarantee how long it will take to find a furever home. Some foster homes in US make flyers to put on at dog parks, grocery stores or community centers. Its best to find a home near you.

2) Can I provide for this dog financially?
First time fosters front the shipping fee to their home, then reimburse themselves with the adoption fee from the new owners. Fostering is not necessarily expensive but you will have to purchase things such as : food/water bowls, pee pads, leash/collar, toys etc. Some foster dogs may be sick or have behavioral issues. Will you be able to pay for veterinary treatment or training? We SaveKoreanDogs.org sometimes assist the foster homes with allowances each month.

3) Do I have time for this dogs?
Dogs need to be walked several times a day, especially if they are living inside a small apartment. If you work 10 hours a day, it would be difficult to meet an indoor dog’s needs. Puppies will require a lot of work-walks every several hours, potty training, behavioral training, etc.

4) Am I willing to find the dog a new home?
By definition fostering is temporary. The goal of the foster parent is to find a loving, permanent new home with SKD. SKD has almost 60K followers and have sent 1,300 dogs to the US alone (as of Jan 2018) and have the network that helps a lot finding furever homes. Your ends, its best to find one near your home. This can involve making posters and screening potential adopters. Several homes in the past put up a note at the notice boards at community centers in the neighbors, sometimes at grocery stores if not meet new owners at dog parks.
When you have inquiries about your foster dog, we leave it to you make the final decision but need the potential homes adoption application to be sent to us for our records.

5) We pay the airfare/flight cost in advance and collect small amount of adoption fee later when your foster dog is adopted out and send the fee to our paypal link. http://savekoreandogs.org/donate-adoption-fee-flight-costs/
The adoption fee ranges from $200 to $400. We use flight volunteers to foster homes but from time to time we use cargo that is more costly, for puppies its $300. If you think you are qualified to be our foster home, please send in your application under the dog name filling in “Foster” http://savekoreandogs.org/application-form/

Thank you foster homes, we won’t be able to rescue the dogs without you. You are saving them by providing home environment and show them how it is like to be loved and cared. We appreciate very much.
Thank you so very much for your compassion.

From Our Rescue team from SaveKoreanDogs!