How You Can Help

There are a number of ways to help fight against the cruelty of the dog meat industry in Korea apart from vital donations, which can be made via our “Donate” menu.

We desperately need HOMES FOR DOGS.

We have more than 300 dogs with us at three shelters that need homes. Some are traumatized (see “Trauma Troop”), but those done with the veterinary care are ready to fly out. Continue checking our “Dogs Available” page as new intake dogs are being added daily!

We need FOSTER HOMES, too.

Fostering is temporarily caring for a dog as if it were your own. Fosters are people who have time and love to give, but can’t commit to that dog forever. Fostering involves providing food, shelter, and appropriate medical care to animals until a permanent home can be found.

Things To Consider Before Fostering:

1) Am I willing and able to keep this animal until a new home is found?
Generally, fostering does not have a time limit. It is a responsibility and should be viewed as such. For the most part, puppies find homes quicker than older animals or those with special needs. Can you keep this animal for weeks or months?

2) Can I provide for this animal financially?
First time fosters front the shipping fee to their home, then reimburse themselves with the adoption fee from the new owners. Fostering is not necessarily expensive but you will have to purchase things such as : food/water bowls, pee pads, leash/collar, toys etc. Some foster animals may be sick or have behavioral issues. Will you be able to pay for veterinary treatment or training?

3) Do I have time for this animal?
Dogs need to be walked several times a day, especially if they are living inside a small apartment. If you work 10 hours a day, it would be difficult to meet an indoor dog’s needs. Puppies will require a lot of work-walks every several hours, potty training, behavioral training, etc.

4) Am I willing to find the animal a new home?
By definition fostering is temporary. The goal of the foster parent is to find a loving, permanent new home. This can involve making posters/advertisements, posting on websites, and screening potential adopters.

Donate Items For Auction

If you have unused or unwanted items lying around your house you can donate them to be auctioned off. This is a fundraiser led by our wonderful volunteer, Tracey Pitz. To purchase or sell an item please read the group info and join Auction! Who Let The Dogs Out! Nami Did!


It is also useful to sign petitions. has a great list of ongoing petitions:


Just click the banner.


Attend street protests to raise awareness. If you can organize a protest where you live, we can support you with posters and leaflets. Lets stand up together and raise our voices from wherever we are for the voiceless.

Right now, we are looking for FLIGHT VOLUNTEERS!

A flight volunteer is a person flying out of Seoul who is willing to escort a rescued dog to Canada or the US.

If you have booked tickets to travel with the following:

  • Korean Air
  • Asiana
  • China Airlines (Taiwanese)
  • EVA (Taiwanese)
  • Air Canada

We need you!

Most airlines allow a passenger to fly with two dogs. We pay the $200 extra baggage fee per dog regardless crate size and weight. It used to be 32 kg Maximum then recently the law is changed to 45 kg but pay double for those over 32 kg. Flight volunteers must inform the airline that you are travelling with two dogs. This is the crate size. 65 cm X 75 cm X 110 cm, the Weight range is 20 kg (44 lbs), breed is Jindo Mix if not Hound Mix. Please inform your airline and book the dogs.
We take care of everything for you. You don’t have to pay anything or worry about anything! We bring the dog to the airport and meet you at the airport quarantine office. We will have the dogs prepared in crates and have all the required health/vaccinations certificates at the quarantine. You just show the quarantine officer your passport and flight confirmation number. Then we go together and get the dogs checked in as extra baggage at airline counter, we pay the $200 extra baggage fee per dog regardless size of the crate and weight.
At Incheon/Seoul International Aiiport before getting on board.

Upon arriving at your destination, you see the dogs on the cart near baggage claim, just walk out and the adopter will meet you at the gate and take home the dog. That’s it!

If you are flying out of Seoul or come across anyone else flying out who wants to help, please let us know at