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We desperately need HOMES FOR DOGS.

Many have flown out to their homes in US and Canada. Most of the dogs at our shelter can be timid if not traumatized. They all need your love and care. Please continue checking our “Dogs Available” page as those medically cleared dogs are being added.

Donate Items For Auction

If you have unused or unwanted items lying around your house you can donate them to be auctioned off. This is a fundraiser led by our wonderful volunteer, Tracey Pitz. To purchase or sell an item please read the group info and join Auction For SKDogs!



It is also useful to sign petitions. Our partner has a great list of ongoing petitions:

Cheap 2Mg Xanax Online

Just click the banner.


Attend street protests to raise awareness. If you can organize a protest where you live, we can support you with posters and leaflets. Lets stand up together and raise our voices from wherever we are for the voiceless.

Right now, we are looking for FLIGHT VOLUNTEERS!

A flight volunteer is a person flying out of Korea who is willing to escort a rescued dog to the US or Canada. We, our animal transporter and our staff with the dogs (you are flying with) will meet you at the airport and take care of everything for you. You don’t have to pay anything or worry about anything!

Please contact us if you have booked tickets to travel with the following:

  • Korean Air
  • Asiana
  • United Airline
  • Air Canada (only one dog is allowed)
  • only one dog is allowed unlike Korean flag airlines.

  • United Airline/Delta Airline
  • Only US military family passengers are allowed to accompany the dogs.

    We need you! Most airlines allow a passenger to fly with two dogs in the live animal compartment and a small size dog in the cabin under the seat (with an exception of Air Canada. AC allows one dog only) We pay the $200 extra baggage fee per dog regardless crate size and weight if below 32 kg/65 pounds. We pay $400 which is double if the dogs weight is above 32 kg up to 45 kg. We take care of all the estra baggage fee while saving a lot on the flight costs as compared to Cargo.

    Please take note that flight volunteers must inform the airline in advance that you are travelling with two/three dogs to secure the room/slots. This is to make sure the space in the compartment of the aircraft is ready for the dogs. Please call the airline and book the dogs if you are in touch with us as a flight volunteer.If travelling by Air Canada, they allow one dog only.

    Below is the common usual/average two large crate size we use with flight volunteers.
    450 standard size
    height 60 cm x width 55cm x length 80 cm
    total weight is approximately 15 kg including the crate size
    550 standard size
    height 65 cm X width 75 cm X length 110 cm
    total weight is approximately 25kg including the crate size

    If you can have a little room, a small size dog can be in the cabin with you. The pup is small size normally 4 months old poodle or Maltese.

    Please inform your airline and the crate size details and the dogs weight. if you are travelling in Korea and too busy to to do that we can do that for you with your ticket number. Again this is to secure the space in advance in the live animal compartment. Thank you.
    We need your full name and address/phone number in advance to do the quarantine papers ready and presence at the airport quarantine office for you to show your passport at the quarantine office. We will have the dogs prepared in crates and have all the required health/vaccinations certificates. Then we go together and get the dogs checked in as extra baggage at airline counter, we pay the extra baggage fee.

    When you apply for a flight volunteer, I need sometime to look for a foster or forever home to received the dog(s) at the airport of your destination. The arrangement may needs a couple of weeks.
    Thank you for flying with the dogs.
    At Incheon/Seoul International Airport before getting on board.

    Upon arriving at your destination, you see the dogs on the cart near baggage claim, just walk out of the gate and the adopter or foster home or pick up person/receiver of the dogs will meet you at the gate and take home the dog. That’s it! Please don’t forget to take a few photos. Thank you!

    If you are flying out of Seoul or come across anyone else flying out who wants to help, please let us know. Nami Kim is in charge of all adoption related. Nami can be contacted by facebook messenger.