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This is designed for the UK/EU adopters. As for the UK ICN – LHR, from Incheon/Seoul international airport to Heathrow airport, it takes 12 hours. We have used Korean Air KE907 flying direct from Incheon/Seoul to London arriving at around 5 pm UK time.

FYi something new to share.
We learnt that the quarantine can be done at the Air Pet/Animal Reception at Heathrow airport. This clinic called “Chung Hwa” in Seoul serving the expats community is an expert when it comes to sending the dogs to the UK/EU.
Please contact the vet or his assistant. The staff speak English and are friendly. The clinic offers services in veterinary care, pet grooming, adoption, animal transporting and training.
Please contact Sunhee at 82 10 5047 0676
21-1 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Phone: 82+2-792-7602
Website: http://www.cwhospital.com
For animal transport, KAT serves you.

UK/EU airport options include:

  • London Heathrow
  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Paris Charles de Gaulle
  • AMS Amsterdam

It is advised by the airline cargo that you MUST hire an agent/broker that can handle the customs clearance at the airport. According to the information, it costs approximately £450 - 800 for the services. Below information is very useful for you to get in touch for your dog if you are considering adopting one of the dogs. Adopters must pay VAT on this but if you are a registered charity and VAT registered, you can claim the VAT back.

Airsupply Shipping Agent/Freight Forwarder
Website: http://www.airsupplyshipping.com/
Tel: 44 1753 689365
Lakeside Industrial Estate,
Slough SL3 0ED, UK

Meridian Freight
website: http://www.meridianfreight.co.uk
Tel: 44 1753 210040

PBS International Freight (Broker)
Unit 23 Airlinks Industrial Estate
Spitfire Way, Hounslow TW5 9NR
United Kingdom
Tel: 178-444-9341
Fax: 208-848-8511
email: gward@pbs-int.co.uk
website: www.shipyourpet.com

Below office is where you collect your dogs after arrival. I hear it takes 2-4 hours depending on the Centre's process.
Heathrow Animal Reception Centre
Dept. of Environmental Services
Beacon Road, Heathrow International Airport
Hounslow, Middlesex TW6 3JF
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 208-745-7894 or +44 (0) 208-745-7895
Fax: +44 (0) 208-759-3477
email: harc.generalenq@cityoflondon.gov.uk
Website: www.cityoflondon.gov.uk

Adopters can follow this process in getting their dog sent to the UK/EU:


We hope the dogs find loving homes in UK and EU. Please send in your applications for us to review. It will cost approximately US$1,200- US$2,200 (depending on the size of crate and weight of your dog) for all including the air tickets. We request you make the payment of the half (must be in US dollars$, not by £) upon approval of your adoption.
Due to the long quarantine period, Nami has chosen five dogs from the shelter and begin their quarantine process in February 2017, adding more and more dogs, ended up 15 all together in early March 2017. The dogs will stay the entire quarantine period of four months at the shelter. These five dogs will all go for the same tests and vet visits according to the vaccination and blood test time as specified by UK standard. Nami Kim is entirely in charge of the quarantine process as stated below.

We have a group of supporters in UK updating and following up of the dogs after arrival UK.


This link by UK government is very useful to those homes. http://ahvla.defra.gov.uk/
The whole process will take a MINIMUM of 16 weeks, some factors may cause delays, for instance if the blood sample does not show sufficient levels of the rabies vaccine. It has to be above 0.5 IU/ml

1. MICROCHIP- First, the dog will be microchipped with an internationally recognized (ISO 11784/11785 compliant) chip. This step must be completed before the rabies vaccination as the microchip will be a record of the date of the vaccination.

2. RABIES VACCINATION- Once the microchip has been inserted, the vet can now vaccinate the dogs against rabies. The date of the rabies vaccination for antibody test is the most important and can affect the travel plans.

3. WAIT 30 DAYS- According to UK government guidelines: “for animals coming from non-listed Third Countries, the blood sample must have been taken at least 30 days after the date of the rabies vaccination where day of vaccination is day 0”.

4. BLOOD TEST- After 30 days, the vet will take a blood to be sent to government lab for test which is an UK/ EU approved lab. “You must check that the laboratory used to test the blood sample is on the list of approved laboratories.” IT REQUIRES 90 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF THE BLOOD SAMPLE WAS TAKEN TO Fly out.

5. RESULTS- Results should come back and be delivered to the vet in about 1-2 weeks. Assuming that the test comes back positive (i.e. there is enough of the rabies antibody in the dog’s system, 0.5IU/ml), ONLY then can we look into booking a flight for the dog. IF, however, the test comes back negative (i.e. there are insufficient levels of the antibody/rabies vaccine in your pet’s blood) we will need to repeat steps again.

6. BOOK FLIGHT- The flight booked will need to be “at least 90 DAYS/three calendar months between the date of the blood sampling and the date of entry into UK”. This means the flight must be no sooner than 3 months after the date the blood sample was taken.

7. COMPLETE ‘EU CERTIFICATE’- Cheap 2Mg Xanax Online This is a 9 page EU certificate document that will need to be filled out by the vet, the quarantine office, and customs officials. For now, we just fill in page 1, using you as BOTH the consignee and the consignor. The consignor will be our address in Korea; the consignee will be your address in UK/EU. Make sure that ALL details on this form match up with the microchip AND the rabies test certificate.

8. VACCINATION & HEALTH CERTIFICATE- We will also need a vaccination & health certificate from the vet confirming that your dog has been vaccinated by them, a written confirmation of the dog’s details and specific information about the vaccines given, signed by the vet.

9. TAPEWORM TREATMENT & CERTIFICATE- It is a requirement for pets to be treated against tapeworm in a very specific time period. “The treatment must have been administered in the 24hr – 120hr window prior to the expected arrival in UK. The tapeworm treatment can be certified by any registered veterinarian.” This means the dog must be sent within 5 days after treatment is given in Korea. A health certificate is also required from the vet confirming that the dog has received the tapeworm treatment.

10. QUARANTINE CERTIFICATE- An animal cannot leave Korea without obtaining a Quarantine Certificate, which is shown to the airline at check-in. This states that the dog is permitted by Korean Quarantine to leave the country and that the dog is fit to fly. This is done the day before the flight at Incheon international airport or regional offices.

11. ARRIVAL IN UK- It can take up to two and a half hours to complete the checks at Heathrow Animal Reception Centre. After receiving the dog, book an appointment with your vet. Your dog needs to be checked by a UK based vet and any top up vaccines need to be administered. You must also change the registration of the chip to a UK based register.

NOTE: Unfortunately, no couriers, no flight volunteers can fly directly to the UK due to quarantine restrictions. To have the dog(s) fly directly into the UK we MUST send the dog as manifest cargo. Your dog will be treated as cargo and you will need to collect your dog at Heathrow Animal Reception Centre after the customs clearance by your broker.

All 16 dogs bound for the UK are with the homes by end of June 2017.
From the 20th of June to 3rd July 2017, all the dogs waited for 4 months to the UK were flown out, all with the homes thriving and living the life they deserve. It was a long long process but all the 16 dogs (including Jane, our first dog flew to London with me) are enjoying the life at loving homes.
We are opening the doors to the UK again. have Silky (adopted by Lucia Faith) and Ron (adopted by Louise Travett)in July. They are undergoing the process and getting ready to fly. Both are considered as ‘Traumatized dogs’ this is why I appreciate even more.
Thank you!
Silky, Ron, Lady and Moo had passed the blood tests after a month of rabies shots, so had Mia.

Name: Ron (Ron is adopted by Louise in the UK, getting ready to fly to London Dec. 1 2017)

Age: 23 months old

Gender: Male

Breed: Jindo Mix

Information: Ron is a very timid boy. He does not know what to do when approached by us. Ron is more than shy or timid, but yearns for love sitting in a corner. He eats when all the other dogs are done with their meal. Ron was neutered on November 2016, fully vaccinated and healthy. He is getting ready to fly to his mama in December.

Name: Silky (Silky is adopted by Lucia, one of our anti-dog meat campaigners from the UK. Currently undergoing the UK requirement process)

Age: 19 months old

Gender: Female

Breed: Jindo Mix

Information: Silky is a pure Jindo with beautiful white fur. She is a timid and badly traumatized. She does not show any signs of progress.

Name: Mia (Adopted by Jonathan Thrush in the UK)

Age: 3 and a half

Gender: Female

Breed: Labrado Retriever

Information: Mia came to us from Bucheon city shelter. She is such a playful girl full of energy and a happy girl. Her adopter Jenanette spent sometime with Mia when she was with us in July but unfortunately the Norwegian rule needed a month microchip prior to the vaccinations. The UK trainer Louise decided to foster her. Mia may need a home later.

Name: Lady (Adopted Louise, the UK trainer)

Age: 13 months

Gender: Female

Breed: Jindo Mix

Information: Lady was named after her rescuer Lady Moo. She informed me about the meat farm near her and the butcher was about to sell 17 dogs to the slaughter house nearby. We decided to go ahead and rescue the dogs. She gave birth at the age of 8 months and had 4 puppies. All her puppies are adopted by the homes in US.

Name: Moo (Adopted by Louise, the UK trainer)

Age: 15 months

Gender: Female

Breed: Jindo Mix

Information: Moo was the fist name of the lady who informed me and went out togetherto rescue them all. Moo also gave birth at the age of 8 months and had 4 puppies. All her puppies are adopted by the homes in US. Due to the strict rules and regulations, it fell through so she is going to the UK to Louise to be fostered by her until her forever home show up.

Dear UK adopters, this is the latest of the dogs flying to London.
Thank you for opening your hearts and homes.
I was so happy to meet you in person when I was in London and Glasgow.
The link is updated and we are booking the flight for the dogs to fly to you.
The auction group paid for all the heart worm treatments that were costly. HUGE THANKS from the doggies!
Dr.Kim was with us 4th June to check on the dogs under heartworm treatment. Had Freckle as a sample, could see from the test its slowly going away. The dogs are all done with the treatment, four shots and three weeks medications are completed. The test won't determine 100 % cleared due to worm eggs, I am sending a test kit (under the pouch attached to the crate for you to do your own test to get "200% Clear" confirmation. Please take the dog to your vet and run the test in September or October at your vet in UK. As for the tapeworm treatment, we are switching to Drontal. Dr.Kim was with us for that today 25th June.
Meanwhile, the dogs are flying one by one by Korean Air, KE 907 arriving Heathrow at 5:30 pm. Flight schedule confirmed with the homes are as follows. The airway bills and the copies of those papers will be sent to you before the shipment.
Please speak to the broker and send the airway bills to them at the airport. This is a MUST for the homes to receive your dog(s)

Flight schedule confirmed with the homes is as follows;
23rd June: Freckle to Flavie.
26th June: Holly and Star to Jonathan Thrush.
26th June: Bunny to Drea , Nacho to Tristan.
26th June: Mary to Lizzie
29th June: Marbles to Elizabeth
29th June: Mini, Pin and Haru to Lisa
29th June: Gem, Dana and Dani to Paws2Rescue
3rd July: Lily to Anja.
3rd June: Willy to Peggy.

I am very happy to be able to send them to you to the UK. Thank you all again for opening your heart and home.
Thank you very much!

We have opened the door to UK/EU adopters Feb. 2017. Adopters can expect to pay ranging from US$1,200 – US$2200 (from 10 kg small to 25 kg large size dogs) depending on the crate size and weight for the flight. We take care of the tests, and paperwork involved. We have total number of 15 dogs ready to fly to UK. 13 dogs have found homes so far, they are Dana, Nacho, Holly, Bunny, Willy, Gem, Mary, Star, Mini, Pin and Haru all have homes to fly. Dami and Lily will need a home. They all are done with the UK requirement of anti-body tests of rabies.

All the dogs are spayed and neutered, fully vaccinated and healthy but some are undergoing heart worm treatment at the moment. First blood test by Dr.Kim on the 10th of June shows that its going away. However, I would like you to do one final test in September or early October to determine “100% cleared” I am sending one test kit in the crate flying together. Marbles, Mary, Freckles, Bunny, Star, Lily, Dami are those. The Auction group paid Dr.Kim for the treatments of all.

UK-EU adoptions now available

UK/EU Adoptions, the first batch was selected 18th Feb 2017, they are done with the first vaccinations and microchipped for the quarantine as stipulated by UK/EU standards. Dana, Dami, Nacho, Holly, Freckle are the first five, the first batch and we added ten to that. The second batch are ten, they were selected on 26th Feb and done with microchip and vaccinations accordingly. The five were sent to Dr.Kim for blood samples on 20th March 2017, on the 25th March, we received the results "ALL POSITIVE" from the government lab.

The second batch are Willy, Bunny, Lily, Gem, Mary, Star, Marbles, Mini, Pin and Haru. making it total 15 all together. They are the dogs who have begun the long quarantine process for going to UK/EU. Please view their profiles under the "Available Dogs" tab. Our vet Dr.Kim is in charge of the whole process when it come to tests and the paper work.
The rough timeline of their process is as follows:

First Batch 2017
Feb. 18 - Microchip, Rabies Vaccination
Mar. 20 - Blood Sample for antibody Test (flight can be booked after 90 days from the date of the blood sample taken if results come in "positive")
Mar. 25 - Blood Test Results came back "ALL POSITIVE"
(We are so lucky! test results came to Dr.Kim from the government lab after five days)
June. 16 - Tapeworm Test & Treatment
June. 20 - Earliest possible date of flight
Dana, Dami, Nacho, Holly, Freckles are able to fly out after the 20th June.

Second Batch 2017
Feb. 26 - Microchip, Rabies Vaccination
Mar. 26 - Blood Sample for antibody Test
Apr. 05 - Blood Test results
June.22 - Tapeworm Test & Treatment
June.26 - Earliest possible date of flight
Bunny, Willy, Lily, Gem, Mary, Star, Marbles and the three Mini Pinscher will be able to fly after the 26th, June.


We have all the dogs found homes.

I must introduce Jane first, our first dog to UK flew with me on the 30th April. Jane is with the home, Lisa Marie Mottram setting in fine in Ashtead, Surrey. I flew to London with Jane and met with Jane's mum Lisa.

Name: Dami (Adopted by Paw2Rescue in London)

Age: 15 months old

Gender: Female

Breed: Jindo

Information: Dami spent sometime with a trainer. She is a happy-go-lucky, carefree girl. She can play all day long, gets along well with other dogs. Dami was spayed in November, 2016, fully vaccinated and healthy.

Name: Lily (Adopted by Anja)

Age: 2 year and 10 month old

Gender: Female

Breed: Jindo

Information: Lily is a shy girl but very friendly and charming. She is one of the early pull-out from the 300 dogs meat farm in July 2016. We named her “Lily” because her fur is shining snow white. She gets along well with other dogs, likes to play with toys. She is fully vaccinated, spayed in November 2016, healthy and playful.

Name: Willy (Adopted by Peggy
Age: 18 months old

Gender: Male

Breed: Jindo Mix

Information: Willy is one of 300 dogs rescued from a dog farm. He is a social and affectionate guy with people and dogs of all sizes, and we think he would be a great family dog. He is beginning to learn on his people and give kisses. He has just learned to enjoy going out for a walk, but still doesn’t know much about the outside world. He startles easily from loud noises or things he doesn’t understand (cars, people moving too quickly), but he is becoming more and more trusting everyday. He is never aggressive in these cases, just a little jumpy. Willy stands out with his big, soulful caramel eyes. He smiles only when he is out for walks.

Name: Dana (Adopted by Paw2 Rescue in London)

Age: 14 months old

Gender: Female

Breed: Jindo

Information: Dana is an adorable girl, very friendly, she greets anyone with her tail wagging. She is a big eater, she can have five meals a day and treats in between. She can play all day long, fully vaccinate and very healthy. She was spayed in September 2016.

Name: Nacho (Adopted by Tristan in Glasgow)

Age: 10 month old

Gender: Male

Breed: Jindo

Information: Nacho is becoming an adorable boy. He can be timid and shy at strangers but can be friendly in an hour. He gets along with other dogs well and loves to go for a walk. He is fully vaccinated, neutered and healthy.

Name: Freckle (Adopted by Flavie in Edinberg)
Age: 1 year old

Gender: Male

Breed: Kai Mix

Information: Freckle is an adorable boy but he is still a little timid and shy. Freckle and Bunny has been a playmates in the same cage at Hong before the rescue. They are together all the time.

Name: Holly (Adopted by Jonathan Thrush, Holly is renamed Hally)

Age: 14 months old

Gender: Male

Breed: Jindo

Information: Holly was once traumatized. We realized that he used to be near the slaughter scene at the 300 dogs meat farm. The rescue was completed in early July 2016. His trauma made progress every month. Holly loves to play with toys and likes to be cuddled.

Name: Star (Adopted by Jonathan Thrush)

Age: 18 months old

Gender: Female

Breed: Jindo

Information: Star gets her name from the adorable ‘wrinkles’ in her forehead that come together to form a star. Star is really loving this new freedom thing! Star came in with a collar on, which is usually rare for a meat farm dog. The collar was so tight, probably there since she was a puppy, that it had rubbed her skin completely raw. It looks as though the collar had been chocking her for most of her life! Her skin is healed and she is so happy she can finally breathe! This happened December 2016. Star is a sweet, friendly girl, so full of fun, and happy to spend time with anyone who will play with her, whether human or canine. She is friendly and easy-going, and gets along great with dogs of all sizes. Star is fully vaccinated, healthy, spayed in November 2016.

Name: Mary (Adopted by Lizzie in London)

Age: 16 months old

Gender: Female

Breed: Jindo

Information: Mary has come a long way when I see her transformation. She used to avoids humans in the first few months, then the treats and walks worked. She is a happy go lucky girl happy to receive treats handed out and wags tail at us with big smiles.

Name: Gem (Adopted by Paw2 Rescue in London)

Age: 18 months old

Gender: Female

Breed: Jindo

Information: Gem is a darling little Jindo girl. She’s active, loving, and is going to make someone very happy. She is so playful and happy go lucky. Gem is now spayed, but was pregnant and had puppies shortly after she came to our shelter after the rescue. We feel so bad that all of her puppies have been adopted and are in forever homes, yet she remains. Gem is all over the volunteers for cuddles and is loved by so many. She is full of energy and happiness and does really well with other dogs. Gem is healthy and affectionate and deserves a nice warm home.

Name: Bunny (Adopted by Drea Hamilton in Glasgow)

Age: 9 months old

Gender: Female

Breed: Kai

Information: Bunny has such a sweet demeanor about her and seems like she would really like to learn about love and family. Bunny is very nervous for now, and will need some time to learn to trust people. She is very brave when she has the barrier of the gate between you and her- she runs right up and asks for a treat, wagging her tail. If you come inside, she backs away when you get too close, and doesn’t yet want to be pet. A bit shy, but sweet and just unsure about new things. She is figuring out that she is safe at the shelter, but it is time for her to learn about home life. Lots of love in her forever home should make her blossom into the dog she is meant to be. A confident and friendly canine housemate will help to guide Bunny and show her how great it is to be a dog. Bunny is spayed, fully vaccinated and healthy.

Name: Haru, Mini and Pin (Adopted by Lisa, Jane’s home in Surrey)

Age: All 3 year old and 3 months

Gender: All Female

Breed: Mini Pinscher

Information: The three were dumped at Hong’s friend meat farm, Hong rescued them and brought them to us in November. Haru is a little timid, Mini and Pin are playful. They get along well, eat a lot but not gaining weight.

Name: Marbles (Adopted by Elizabeth in Stockton)

Age: 14 month old

Gender: Female

Breed: Mix

Information: Marbles is one of the 16 rescued from our neighbor butcher, all were surrendered to us in January 2017. Marbles is a very affectionate girl, playful and cute. She can play all day long, loves to go out for walks. Marbles is fully vaccinated, spayed and health checked.