Here are the dog meat trade survivors! We just hit over 3,000 dogs as of middle of Feb 2018 flying out to the homes in the US and Canada. Our precious boy Conor was the 3,000th boy flown out in early Feb, Total number of heads were 3,243 December 2019. We started sending dogs out of Korea since 2012 when we realized local adoption is not safe.

한국에서 최초로 대거 해외 입양을 보낸지 거의 10 년이되는 시점, 보호소를 떠나 미국과 캐나다로 입양 간 숫자가 2019년 12월  총 3400 여 마리를 기록하고 있습니다. (사) 세이브코리언독스 보호소는 특성상 몸집이 큰 소위 “식용견” 이라 불리는 개를 구조하고 수의학적 처치 (접종, 중성화, 사상충치료 등등)  이후 해외 입양을 보내고 있습니다. 아래 목록은 접종후 한달 후 처치가 끝나고 비행기 탈 수 있게 된 행운아들입니다. 이 아이들은 누구보다도 가족을 필요로 합니다.    

*Please, please read the adoption information/process first before you pick your dog. You can find the most frequently asked questions answered in the link.

***** Very Important ***** FYI, please take note pups under the age of 5-6 months are not spayed/neutered, those less than 10-12 months are safe from heartworm.  

The dogs in the available list are completed or on its way to complete the treatment with very basic veterinary care such as vaccinations, spaying/neutering, deworming and health check. Sometimes heartworm positive are being treated which takes a month to six weeks depending on the stages. *FYI, those with less than a year do not have heartworm. For more info on heartworm, here is a useful link.

Those with skin issues and malnourished will be added to the list later when they are ready. As for vaccinations, our vets administer Rabies and DHPP vaccinations according to the US and Canada quarantine regulations. We spayed/neuter the dogs (with an exception of less than 6 months old) right after the dogs came to our care straight from the meat dog farms and dog slaughterhouses all over Korea. Sometimes puppies get anti-parvo shots if less than 4 months old, also we do X ray and blood tests when health check results require that. FYI, most of our dogs are traumatized, if not timid, they are not potty trained. 

Our rescue members in other cities do the basic care and bring the dogs over to us but mostly we take care of all the process from rescue, medical treatments, nurture and rehabilitate, find homes and rehome the dogs out of Korea. 

The photos/videos of the list are taken a couple of weeks after they arrived shelter, first stage of warming up for a home. This is for you to view only (they may look a little different now). I send you the latest when you inquire or have confirmed your adoption. Our dogs do not know how to take treats from hands, they do not know how to play with toys. Some of the traumatized have seen the slaughtering scenes. Some are shy and timid till they learn to  trust humans. It is difficult to estimate weights as they gain so much weight with us after so much deprivation and malnourishment. The weight ranges, as for Jindo mix its normally 20 to 35 pounds when fully grown, for Hound/Tosa mix, they are minimum 50 to 60 pounds. When you inquire, we send you the latest weight in our medical records. When all have been confirmed then we book the flight and have our vet to sign the health certificate for the quarantine inspection.

Some of the dogs are fostered abroad- which means they are already in Canada or USA. Some of these foster homes are organised through our relationships with rescue groups working together with us over the years. 

Please read the adoption information/process before choosing a dog. Most of the questions you ask when you send us a message can be found in the link. Thank you!

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