Graveyard Rescue – From January 3rd 2022 (Ongoing Rescue)

This graveyard is located not far from Siun’s home in Namyangju City. Siun has been feeding them all alone. There were over 100 dogs roaming around the graveyard and there was a deserted cow farm next to it. These dogs disappears before first Boknal (three dog eating days during hottest summer in Korea) Nami visited the site and saw many pregnant dogs, decided to go ahead with the rescue. Nami was so shocked to see many puppies survived in the horrible conditions. The former cow farm owner near the graveyard was indirectly killing the puppies using square baskets stack by stack when puppies are born. This was how he controlled the number of puppies being born constantly.

A professional trapper volunteered and came along to catch them one by one.  The first batch got caught was eight, they were immediately sent to Dr.Han for spay/neuter and had them all vaccinated (1st shot) None of the pregnant was caught but found one pregnant named Sophie at 2nd batch after two weeks.

This is on going rescue throughout the year until the last dog has been caught. The number will be mulplied again and becomes the victims of the summer dog eating days Boknal in 2022.