Puppy Mill in Yeoju City next to the meat dog auction house

It was in April the 20th 2023 we came to know about the puppy mill next to the meat dog auction house while protesting in the City of Yeoju. Nami planned the rescue a week later while asking the City officials to do more search on the puppy mill.

There were 37 predigree mostly Pomerarians, such as Welsh Corgi, Maltese, Poodle,, Beagle, Spitz, Shiba Inu and so on.

Nami took her action and negotiated with the puppy mill owner with no licence, either you surrender all if not will becharged $20,000 fine.

All the dogs surrencered and there they go. The dogs were all too old to give birth average 6-14 years old. All are so small size, Nami decided to find local homes for them however they are too old to be able to be adopted by local homes.