Yujung Dog Meat Restaurant in Gimpo City July 8th 2021

A villager informed Nami about the dog meat restaurant up north of Gimpo City. Nami visited the site but only found two dogs left. The restaurant owner had sent the remaining four to somewhere else he won’t tell Nami. Nami guesses the four gone were already slaughtered for the first day of Boknal (dog meat eating days)

Nami called the animal welfare in charge in the City asked him to be present at the site but the remaining two dogs were gone. The filthy cages were empty. Nami and Mr.Park demanded the two dogs should be back here in a day otherwise they will be charged. On the next day, the restaurant owner called Nami to say “The dogs are back here” Nami believes the owner of the restaurant had sent them to a slaughterhouse and she personally went there to bring them back. It was such a close call. Nami had the restaurant removed the menu “Bosintang”, the popular dog meat soup.

The two dogs are Labrado Jindo mix is a couple, Nami named Jennifer and James. They are  very affectionate and friendly