Announcement: Project Freedom Flight!

Announcing PROJECT FREEDOM FLIGHT – a campaign focused around multiple flight volunteer opportunities during the month of July. Several people visiting Korea in July have offered to be flight volunteers.

Americans traditionally celebrate the benefits of freedom beginning with the July 4th Independence Day holiday. Aligning with the goal of the Save Korean Dogs Organization to rescue innocent dogs from oppression and suffering within the South Korean dog meat trade, PROJECT FREEDOM FLIGHT celebrates this opportunity to send as many dogs as possible on their freedom flights to loving homes in the USA and Canada.

What’s Needed:

LOVING HOMES – to adopt or foster dogs who will be flying with flight volunteers into the American cities of Los Angeles, Seattle, DC area, as well as, the Canadian city of Toronto. Additional cities may be added as we get closer to July.

FUNDS – Willow’s Wish is generously sponsoring several of these freedom flights; however, additional funds are helpful to offset costs of vaccinations, health certificates, travel crates and our animal transporter who prepares the dogs for traveling, drives the dogs to the airport and gets them checked in for their flights.

Special Treats for the Dogs:

Every dog taking their freedom flight during July will receive a specially-crafted patriotic fleece tug toy as a gift from the SKD USA Foundation. These adorable handmade toys were graciously donated by Liz with Etsy store, GoWest, and represent American and Canadian national colors. We hope these toys provide a source of comfort and entertainment as these precious souls are welcomed into their new homes.

How to Help:

If you live within driving distance of the airports mentioned above, let us know if you would like to open your heart and home to one of our amazing dogs! Applications and bios of some of the adoptable dogs can be found on the SKD website. Please contact us with any questions.