Advocates raise awareness and protest against the South Korean dog meat trade during Boknal.

July 1, 2019

LOS ANGELES – The Save Korean Dogs USA Foundation, Inc. along with the Save Korean Dogs Sanctuary in South Korea and the Lady Freethinker nonprofit media organization will host a protest against the South Korean dog meat trade on July 11, 2019, with a march outside of the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Los Angeles, CA.

The protest aligns with the eve of the first Boknal day (July 12, 22 and August 11, 2019). Boknal is designated as the three hottest days of summer according to the lunar calendar, where thousands of dogs will be brutally tortured and slaughtered as part of the perpetuation of myths that dog meat enhances male virility, combats fatigue and balances the body’s heat.

“While families are enjoying summer at the pool and having fun with their pets, right now there are innocent dogs being beaten, electrocuted, hung, boiled and tortured in the cruelest ways imaginable,” said Heidi Leland, president of Save Korean Dogs USA Foundation. “That’s why it’s so important to educate the public outside of South Korea about the plight of dogs suffering in the meat trade, who don’t have loving families and are scared beyond belief fearing their end. They need all of us to come together, stand up and speak out for them, so that they may have the chance at feeling love and freedom.”

Each year, approximately 2 million dogs are killed in South Korea’s meat trade. Nami Kim, Save Korean Dogs Sanctuary founder, saves as many as she can with the help of volunteers.

“From the time the dogs we save from meat farms, slaughterhouses and restaurant alleyways are rescued and arrive at our sanctuary, they only know love, kindness, a gentle touch and soothing voice. Unfortunately, we are just one small group of activists saving a few precious lives at a time. We need humanity to wake up to the atrocities happening to dogs here, every day, and urge the South Korean government to stop this madness,” said Kim.

In addition to the protest, the Save Korean Dogs USA Foundation will attempt to deliver multiple petitions containing more than 600,000 signatures to the Consul General, sending a strong message to the South Korean government that the dog meat trade should be banned and punishable by law.

In parallel to the protest and petitions, buses with banner ads educating Korean citizens about the brutality and public health risks of eating dog meat and urging an end to the trade are driving all throughout the city of Gimpo, South Korea, thanks to sponsorship by Lady Freethinker.

“We are committed to our partnership with Save Korean Dogs to eradicate the cruel and outdated dog meat trade. It takes partnerships like ours, grassroots efforts on the frontlines in South Korea and awareness and action events like these marches in the U.S. and around the world to bring a spotlight to these brutal killings,” said Nina Kate Jackel, founder of Lady Freethinker.

Save Korean Dogs USA Foundation, Save Korean Dogs Sanctuary and Lady Freethinker all look forward to the Los Angeles protest and campaign activities opening the eyes of Los Angeles residents and beyond, ultimately bringing more advocates to the cause.

For more information about efforts by our Save Korean Dogs USA Foundation and Save Korean Dogs Sanctuary to rescue dogs and end the meat trade, please visit


The Save Korean Dogs USA Foundation, Inc. is a US-based national nonprofit headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. Founded in 2019, SKD USA focuses on educating the American public about the plight of dogs suffering in the dog meat trade and partners with the Save Korean Dogs Sanctuary in South Korea to rescue dogs, rehabilitate and rehome them into forever homes in the U.S. and around the world, shut down dog meat farms and campaign to end the trade in South Korea.