A Victim of Hit and Run July 4th 2021

Nami received a call from her friend who lives in the village next to Nami. She saw a dog on the street just hit by a car.

Nami drove to the site straight in the pouring rain, managed get the boy into the crate.

This boy was sent to Dr.Roh, the orthopadics specialist vet. His X – ray turned out his three backbone ribs broker, both front legs and the hip were all broken. The legs fracture needed immediate surgery while Nami named the boy “Heart” Nami assumes he ran away from a near by dog farm somewhere.

Heart was getting ready for this 2nd surgery after fully recovered the leg surgery. He got along so well with other dogs, played and played and had lots of fun in the park. One morning when Nami went out to feed he was found dead.

I am glad you had a bit of fun. Rest in Peace little one.