Brave Korean Canines Fly to Freedom with Project Freedom Flight


Brave Korean Canines Fly to Freedom with Project Freedom Flight


In the spirit of independence and freedom, the Save Korean Dogs Organization will fly more dogs within a one-month period than ever before with the help of Willow’s Wish.


July 21, 2019


LOS ANGELES – The Save Korean Dogs USA Foundation, Inc. along with the Save Korean Dogs Sanctuary in South Korea and Willow’s Wish, are celebrating the spirit of freedom and independence with Project Freedom Flight during the month of July. Through Project Freedom Flight, more brave SKD dogs are flying to freedom in the U.S. and Canada than ever before within a one-month period.


“Our dogs will be fostered and adopted in Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington D.C. and Toronto, Canada,” said Heidi Leland, president of Save Korean Dogs USA Foundation. “We’re in a unique position this summer, with many flight volunteers stepping forward to help our dogs on their journey to forever homes and freedom from the South Korean dog meat trade.”


Freedom flights for SKD dogs flying in July are especially poignant as Boknal looms. Boknal represents the beginning, middle and end of the summer season in Korea and the three hottest days according to the lunar calendar. Ancient Oriental medicinal theories teach that piping hot soup refreshes and replenishes the body to fight off the heat of summer. Boshintang (dog meat soup), Samgyetang (whole baby chicken soup), and Jangeogui (grilled eel) are the three most common Boknal meals.


Dogs are hung, beaten, electrocuted, de-furred and boiled alive in the misguided belief that prolonged torture makes the meat tastier, more tender and increases stamina. Most are killed before their first birthday. Small dogs are typically used to make Gaesoju (dog health tonic).


“So many innocent lives end in cruel and cowardly acts during Boknal, and all year-long” said Nami Kim, founder of Save Korean Dogs Sanctuary. “Our precious dogs flying with Project Freedom Flight will have free spirits as they begin new lives with families overseas who love them unconditionally.”


In support of Project Freedom Flight, Willow’s Wish is sponsoring several dogs’ flights and is participating with flight volunteers to Seattle, Los Angeles and Washington D.C.


“Willow’s Wish started with our very own Willow coming to us on his freedom flight. It is our shared mission with Save Korean Dogs that we rescue as many dogs as possible from horrific circumstances, and be their voice to gain freedom to live out long and happy lives,” said Willow’s Wish founder Heather Heath.


Additionally, every dog taking their freedom flight during July will receive a specially-crafted patriotic fleece tug toy as a gift from the Save Korean Dogs USA Foundation. These adorable handmade toys graciously donated by Etsy store GoWest represent American and Canadian national colors. These toys will provide a source of comfort and entertainment to freedom flight dogs as they are welcomed into their new homes.


Save Korean Dogs USA Foundation, Inc., Save Korean Dogs Sanctuary and Willow’s Wish look forward to helping Project Freedom Flight dogs find their loving forever homes, and raising awareness about the South Korean dog meat trade.


For more information about Project Freedom Flight and efforts by Save Korean Dogs USA Foundation, Inc. and Save Korean Dogs Sanctuary, please visit




The Save Korean Dogs USA Foundation, Inc. is a US-based national nonprofit headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. Founded in 2019, SKD USA focuses on educating the American public about the plight of dogs suffering in the dog meat trade and partners with the Save Korean Dogs Sanctuary in South Korea to rescue dogs, rehabilitate and rehome them into forever homes in the U.S. and around the world, shut down dog meat farms and campaign to end the trade in South Korea.