Catholic Concern for Animals

I plea to the Catholic all over the world. If you are Catholic, please talk to your priest (or nuns) about this. I believe Pope Francis is an animal lover. Where is the mercy of Virgin Mary?
Madeline shared her story what she’s witnessed and exposed the atro and I have been trying to find a way to deliver this petition to the Vatican and we’ve been in touch with CCA (Catholic Concern for Animals) A word from Pope’s mouth will save thousands millions of so called “meat dog” in Korea. 4 million Catholics out of over 50 M populations is not small.
Let me share one experience with you. I used to teach comparative religious studies till 2011. I was invited to a Catholic church event (in 2006) by my student and they served Boshintang for lunch. It was so natural for them to eat that in memory of the early martyrs.
Its time to wake them up. Catholic churches promote dog meat in order to renew the spirit of the early martyrs who lived on eating dogs up in the Mt.Yaengja during the persecution 200 years ago.

Please sign this petition, we will deliver them to the Vatican maybe not be able to do that direct to Pope Francis but to his ambassador. Thank you.