First UK/EU Adoptions Selected

The first batch of UK/EU Adoptions were selected on Feb 18,  2017. They are done with the first vaccinations and microchipped for the quarantine, as stipulated by UK/EU standards. Dana, Dami, Nacho, Holly, Freckle are the first five, the first batch, and we added ten to that. The second batch numbers ten. They were selected on Feb 26 and we did their microchipping and vaccinations accordingly. The five were sent to Dr.Kim for blood samples on 20th of March 2017, and on the 25th of March we received “ALL POSITIVE” results from the government lab.

The second batch are Willy, Bunny, Lily, Gem, Mary, Star, Marbles, Mini, Pin and Haru – making a total of 15 all together. They are the dogs who have begun the long quarantine process for going to UK/EU. Please view their profiles under the Available Dogs menu. Our vet Dr.Kim is in charge of the whole process when it come to tests and the paper work.

The rough timelines of the processes are as follows:

First Batch 2017
Feb. 18 – Microchip, Rabies Vaccination
Mar. 20 – Blood Sample for antibody Test (flight can be booked after 90 days from the date of the blood sample taken if results come in “positive”)
Mar. 25 – Blood Test Results came back “ALL POSITIVE”
(We are so lucky! test results came to Dr.Kim from the government lab after five days)
June. 16 – Tapeworm Test & Treatment
June. 20 – Earliest possible date of flight
Dana, Dami, Nacho, Holly, Freckles are able to fly out after the 20th June.

Second Batch 2017
Feb. 26 – Microchip, Rabies Vaccination
Mar. 26 – Blood Sample for antibody Test
Apr. 05 – Blood Test results
June.22 – Tapeworm Test & Treatment
June.26 – Earliest possible date of flight
Bunny, Willy, Lily, Gem, Mary, Star, Marbles and the three Mini Pinscher will be able to fly after the 26th, June.