Hanam Rescue – 15 Dogs 1st Pull

We came to know about the dog trader from an activist lives near the site. Her name is Angel To. When Nami came to know about the illegal dog farming at a corner of the park in Hanam City Nami met with the team and planned the rescue. When Nami first went over, she was so shocked to see the conditions of the dogs. It was more like a hell on earth.

A few days pass by with no success in the tiring negotiations. A few City officials came along but the dog trader (an old couple) was not willing to surrender. A few more activists in the City and our whole team was mobilized and visited the City hall and protested to take an immediate measure.

It was August 3rd that we finally had the dogs in our hands in the pouring and stormy rain thanks to the city officials and the city vet Dr.Lee. Total 14 dogs were pulled and a week later Kwan joined. We assume Kwan ran away before our pull and roamed around the site. He was caught by Angel.

Its been 10 weeks (since the rescue as of 2nd October) but the dogs needed more time to be ready for a home. Some are opening up some and still shaking out of fear. We are working on them.