Kong’s Dog Farm in Namyangju City  September 12th 2021

Nami had an old friend who contacted her for an assistance with a rescue planned by a TV reporter. It was such a sensational news when a dog ran away from a dog farm and killed an old lady. The police identified the owner and it turned out the dog was from a dog farm nearby. The police in Namyangju City arrested the owner, an old man who lives nearby. He gave up the ownership of the dogs and let his friend to took over. The friend kept the dogs somewhere hidden.

Our rescue team went out searching for the location of the dog farm for the remaining dogs. Siun and Angel accidentally found this dog farm nearby.  It turned out the meat dog farm was slowly going out of its business. The man surrendered the ten dogs to us September 12th 2021.

The 10 dogs from the dog farm are with no trauma and very affectionate.