Lady Moo March – May 2019

Lady Moo is 75, the oldest rescue member of all in Korea. Nami and Lady Moo used to rescue together from 2017. She takes care of the butchers and Nami does all the care of the dogs and adoptions at the shelter. Lady Moo has another name “Over My Dead Body” She stopped a truck near a dog slaughterhouse, laid herself and said “Over my dead body” and the dog trader released the 16 dogs to her. It was in late 2016 and all the 16 dogs came to Nami early 2017.

She rescued 15 dogs in her neighbor right next to a huge boiling pots last April. Two by two they are brought to Nami. As of August 13th 2019, all the her rescued joined SKD and flying out one by one.