Jumi is an activist and a rescuer in Yong-in city, south of Seoul. We named her team “South” She had an old butcher surrendered 17 dogs to her last March but had no place to relocate them. She’s been keeping the dogs at the butchers’s yard and feeding the dogs. We are taking the dogs three by three from her rescues on going. The first three pups came to us are malnourished but gaining weight last ten days already playing and learning new things. They are waiting for our vet’s regular visit for more vaccinations and health check up. All are health checked, spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated by end of May. Jumi rescued Vanessa and Victor again from the same old butcher early May.

She had another dog trader breeding dogs surrendered three dogs. We went out to rescue together last week of May. Two are at the boarding, one is with us. They are named Adam and Eve, the one with us is Ave Maria.