ARK (Animal Rescue Korea) 119 & SKD

Yim is the head of the young animal right activist team specializing in rescue. He organized a nation wide march in July 2018 going across the country. Nami showed them a slaughterhouse in Gimpo City and that was the beginning of the team work. Both worked hard to shut down while Nami in close contact with the city official Jo. It followed another big rescue in 2019 Nami named Jess 2 in April & Jess 3 in May total 82 dogs literally saved from slaughtering for the meat.

Nami and Yim met with mayor of Gimpo City, mayor Jung together handed over 63344 signatures to mayor Jung. The mayor’s office was very helpful when Nami and Yim tried to shut down Meat Dog Auction House. It was early August that we finally came to an agreement and the auction house was demolished.

Nami and Yim works together hand in hand.