Hanam-2 Rescue

It was August the 3rd we as a team pulled the 14 dogs from the dog trader, an old couple. After the rescue we hear a few dogs roaming around the mountain in Hanam City. One dog farmer packed and left leaving some of his dogs behind. He simply disappeared without a trace. We assume he took the cages with him after dismantling them but left a torch and food processor behind.

These dogs set free from the butcher were not catch-able at all. However, the city official and one activist in our team Angel To managed to catch them one by one. Total ten dogs were transported on the 2nd week of September. One little black pup was locally adopted by a singer, a puppy by the name of Thomas (named by Name Game) passed away. We had 8 new faces added to the number of 15 from Hanam City. They are warming up after the the vaccinations and treatments needed. All are spayed/neutered healthy but highly traumatized.