Mini Farm in Gimpo City

It’s been like 4 years since we first rescued 8 dogs from this private farm and its been on going till this year. The butcher is a business man dealing with heavy machines such as excavator and folk lift and so on. He also raises goats and chickens in his office where all these machines are parked. He does not trust the quality of the meat being served at dog meat restaurants so he raises his own to cook and eat.

His mini farming facility needs to be monitored all the time. Nami one day went over and found three puppies. As a team we tried every possible ways had the police and the city official to get them out of the filthy cage.

He finally surrendered as he claims he collected the puppies in a mountain. By law its not allowed to pick an animal in the mountains unless with a license. When the city official said “You can be charged under the illegal hunting” then he surrendered. The three puppies were hit by parvo after a few days at the shelter. All made it thanks to our vet Dr.Gee.