Hanam 4 – June 17th 2021

There was a water supply company in the suburban area of Hanam City. The company kept two dogs, one was Pointer the other was Jindo. The Jindo can be in danger any time while the Pointer was too old to be sold. We as a team worked very hard to get the dogs out of that filthy cages but the owner was so persistent and telling us how much they love the dogs.

It was 9 months later that he called our rescue team member Angel to come and take the dogs as they were moving to another City. Angel never give up but used to stop by to feed the dogs. The Pointer is a 7 years old girl named Pebbles and the white Jindo boy is named BAM BAM.

There were two more we wanted to surrender in another City. Both girls came along with Pebbles and BAM BAM, one if named Betty the other is Wilma.