Mini Farm – Victor & Oliver

It was early June 2021 that Nami heard the old man at the Mini Farm brought two more dogs and keeping them  in the filthy cages.

Its been 5 years since Nami first rescued 7 dogs from him. One thing about this old man he does not trust the quality of the food being served at restaurants so he raises them cook his own. He has goats and chickens as well.

It was June 17th that he released the while Jindo (named Victor by Nami) that he released but won’t surrender the other black dog saying that he weighs a lot. Nami named the black dog Oliver and tried very hard to get him out of that hell. THe old man was about to sell Oliver then Olive managed to come out of the cage and killed all his chicken in the yard. He called Nami to say “Come and take him, he killed all”