Hell Dog Farm Rescue – January 2021

It was truly THE HELL for the so called meat dogs in Korea. When Nami learnt that from the informant she immediately ran to the site in December 2020. She started to negotiate with the butcher but the old man was asking too much cash. Nami mobilized her contact with the City officials contact and got them talk to the butcher.

Meanwhile, the butcher kept throwing those not sell-able puppies to Nami at seven encounters. They are mostly with skin issues and dying K9 Corona positive if not suffers from pneumonia. It attracted the whole media in Korea more than 12 covered the stories. MBC, KBS major TV stations, eight magazines and news agencies dealt with it. Mayor Cho called for a meeting bringing all the relevant departments officials and ordered Demolition Order on the January 12th 2021.

The dog farm was equipped with dog slaughtering machines such as torch, removing fur wheel and so on. Its been closed and we are waiting for the day its demolition.

December 30th 2020 the four thrown at Nami are the puppies are Cooper, Tuva, Jojo, Aubrey, January the 4th 2021 were Zena, Creed, Scarlet, Mika, Rocky. January 6th rescued were Duchess, Babybug, Grace, Chance and Angel. January 15th Kari, Miko, Ziggy, Stardust, Rosie, Baci and New Day, 17th January Diesel, Suho, Magoo, Rukus, Mako, Hope, Mal-Chin. The Four Mama and their 24 just born babies were thrown to Nami on the following day the 18th January.

The total numbers including those just born babies were 57. It was a big loss when 12 died at Dr.Kim if not frozen to death (a few just born babies) starved to death (Rocky and Mal-Chin) upon the rescue.