Hell Dog Farm – Namyangju City

The Butcher kept throwing the sick and dying dogs to us. Those are not sell-able to him. He is the worst of all the butchers/dog traders Nami had ever dealt with.

The very first was on the December, 30th 4 puppies (with skin and health issues) then another 5 to Nami in the new year January the 4th, 6th 15th 27th total 57 dogs.

Many dogs passed away on the day of each rescue if not at Dr.Kim. It was a real hell for dogs.

Nami went ahead with the negotiation for the 400 dogs but he was asking $30K cash which Nami could not afford to pay.

However, Nami is bringing him to the court on the violations of animal welfare law. Its still on-going in May 2021.