Paju Auction House Rescue – 84 years old Butcher

SKD has been protesting at the dog auction house in Paju City from March this year. It was May the 3rd that Nami’s team 3 stopped a van that was on the road to the north of Paju City after the auction. There were five dogs in two cages. Nami arrived at the site and called the police. There were three Jindo puppies and two Border Collies, one Jindo pup looked very sick.

The two kind police officers assisted Nami when the team was trying to explain the animal protection law.  The owner, the old man (84 years old) was telling us how rich he is owns several huge pieces of lands and houses. He’s been raising dogs and supplying the meat in the neighboring counties.

One of the Jindo puppies looked very sick was hospitalized on the day but it was a bit too late. She was named “Mia” now buried in the Garden of Joy.