Mini Farm

The mini farm owner kept bringing dogs to his yard. It was summer 2020 that we saw three puppies and a Bully there. He surrendered the three puppies to us at the presence of City officials July the 29th 2020. However, he would not let us take the Bully.

After 8 months he informed Nami that the Bully seems sick. Nami went over immediately (March, 9th) and pulled her. Nami took her to Dr.Han for a health check up and it turned out that she may have cancer. We took her to a cancer specialist Dr.Roh arranged by Nami’s rescue team member Siun. Its her health issue that’s been worrying us. She’s been in and out Dr.Roh three times already for continuous tests one after another. No definite diagnose yet still but shortlisted as “Bone Fungus”  Twinkle is still hospitalized at Dr.Roh till now May, 21, 2021.