Seuss (formerly Chance) – 4th Throw Hell Dog Farm (Fostered in Lakeway TX – west of Austin)

SEUSS (formerly CHANCE) arrived in the US in July 2021. His life began on a dog farm where he was only two cages away from the slaughter scene. He may have had a rough start but he’s come a long way with his foster family and learning to dog. Now he’s ready for a home of his own. 

SEUSS is a very handsome boy and well behaved. He will do really well in a home with another confident dog. He’s actually very gentle with children, but he’s a big boy and interaction with children should be monitored at all times. He loves the ladies and can be very playful and seek attention from women. Men, not so much. He’ll get there with a man in the household, it will just take a little longer to develop that bond and trust. He’s not very comfortable with strangers.

Other notes on SEUSS: He’s crate trained, potty trained, and he hasn’t exhibited any destructive behaviors (your slippers are safe). He is not so great on leash and the big outside world still scares him. He needs a secure fenced yard to help condition him to the outside and work on his leash skills in a safe space.

SEUSS needs an experienced home. Someone who understands the importance of routine, positive, fear-free handling, along with oodles of patience and an understanding of his limits and how to work through his fears. But when he makes progress, and you see the light in his eyes and a happy hop in his step, you will be rewarded one million times over.

So if you have a heart as big as an ocean (‘cause that’s how dog people are), you could be his furever person.


Sex: Male
Est DOB:
October 2020

Est Weight: 24 kg / 52 lbs
Jindo/hound mix


Likes dogs – Children ok – Cats not tested – Needs secured / fenced yard.

Medium trauma. Sweet but very timid. Needs an experienced owner to work through his fears. May take some time to bond and trust humans. To be considered a high flight risk, must double leash with a martingale collar and harness as a precaution.


No health issues noted. Needs high quality fresh food and lots of love and patience. All dogs have been spayed/neutered, updated on all shots and microchipped. Import papers, Rabies and DHLPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza virus, Parvovirus) Vaccine Certificates will be provided. Travel crate and accessories also provided.