James – Yujung Dog Meat Restaurant (Fostered in Plainview NY – Near Long Island)

James is a Jindo-lab mix. He was rescued with Jennifer in July 2021 when Nami pulled them from a dog meat restaurant. It was close call.

James is one-eyed. No idea how the injury happened but the eye was bleeding and needed to be removed right away. Nami rushed him to Dr. Kim and the surgery took place. He doesn’t seem to care much about being one-eyed, he’s a happy go lucky, care free boy.

James is very affectionate. He is a super happy boy who loves being around people. He will jump and dance when he sees Nami and the Sanctuary volunteers, and he’s always ready to go for walks.

James is currently fostered in Plainview, NY (near Long Island) ready and waiting for a home of his own.


Sex: Male

Est DOB: Aug 2019

Est Weight: 22kg / 48lbs


Dog selective (it could be the stress of a kennel environment, we recommend controlled introductions and monitor for compatibility) – Children probably ok – Cats not tested

Zero trauma. Very sweet and playful. He may take some time to bond and adapt, but very ready for a home of his own. To be considered a medium flight risk, recommend double leash with a martingale collar and harness as a precaution.


Had an eye injury and the eye was removed. No health issues noted. Needs high quality fresh food and lots of love and patience. All dogs have been spayed/neutered, updated on all shots and microchipped. Import papers, Rabies and DHLPP (Distemper, Hepatitis & Kennel Cough, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza virus, Parvovirus) Vaccine Certificates will be provided. Along with the dog’s travel crate and accessories.