Pebbles – Hanam 4 Rescue June 17th 2021

Pebbles – Hanam 4 Rescue June 17th 2021

When Nami saw the eyes of Pebbles, she was almost desperate to get that Pointer. Nami had her in the end after 9 months.

Pebbles is a Pointer, not young seven years old but very affectionate. She can be shy showing her affection sometimes. She has a boy friend who spent 3 years with her. That’s Bam Bam. They get along pretty well.

She’s done the vaccinations and health check but. I don’t think she can get on the plane to find her home in the US or Canada. Nami will keep her at the shelter.


Sex: Female
Est DOB:
June 2014

Weight: 21 kg / 46 lbs
Pointer mix