Sabrina – Fostered in Winnipeg, Canada

Sabrina – Fostered in Winnipeg, Canada

Sabrina was rescued in December from Chestnut Farm. You can see her at the farm in the film below (2 small white dogs in a cage together. The other dog is Samantha).

Sabrina is being fostered in Winnipeg. Please contact Nami Kim for adoption.

She is scared of people however our volunteer says “I had Sabrina in my room for a week. She was very scared to start with but eventually was able to tentatively take snacks from my fingers, and she lay at the bottom of my bed while I was in it. She became more curious of me as the week went on. I am sure that if she had a lovely home to go to it wouldn’t take her too long to warm up to humans. She gets on well with other dogs. I think she is a thoroughly charming little dog and I dearly wish I could have spent more time with her.

Sabrina also has a habit of slithering through very small spaces! so a secure fence around your garden is a must.

The film below of her barking is her first night with me and the second film is after a week.”

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