San – Lady Moo

San – Lady Moo

12-16-19 words from San Foster parents


San is a very loving dog and extremely intelligent. You can really only trick her once before she catches on and you have to find a new way to get her in her crate. Peanut butter is the ultimate bargaining chip. She has really started to come out of her shell. Her preferred place in on your lap while chewing a bone. She will definitely be a shadow dog for her future family.
She has been getting along with our other dogs, but needed a very slow introduction to help her get over her fear. She’s still intimidated by our alpha female, so is kept separate from her.
She is entering her last month of heartworm treatment and is doing great. She will be happy once she can go on long walks again. We do dryland dog mushing with our other dogs and it looks like she might love doing that too.
She has a high prey drive especially with birds (both wild and chickens), but so far, hasn’t tried to slip her harness.
We haven’t tested her around kids or cats.


e of the five our team rescued from the Meat Dogs Auction site in Gimpo City. They buy and sell dogs 400 dogs per day here. The auction was closed for ten days and those who was not aware of it brought their dogs for sale. San is one of the three dogs lived next to the auction site. The old lady who owns them released them to Nami and the team.

San is a vibrant girl who likes to be out and play. She is de-wormed & vaccinated. She is currently under heart worm treatment with her foster.