Ted – Tobong Dog Slaughterhouse (Adopted)

Together with Tank, Ted used to be a highly traumatized dog that never let humans near him. For a long time, he had a broken soul, but for several months now, he has been making great progress and we can feel the light in his eyes returning.

Ted is a gentle, quiet, fearful but not aggressive. He doesn’t bark at all. He is housebroken, enjoys relaxing in the sun and loves long walks – he walks so well on the leash. He gets along with with other dogs, both males and females. He is initially shy towards strangers, but will build a strong bond with you if given some time. He recently started enjoying pets!

Ted will need a special extra kind and patient home as its going to take time for him to be fully trauma-free.

Ted is 17 kg, approx. 2 years old, vaccinated, neutered, health checked, heartworm negative.