Tobong Dog Slaughterhouse in Seoul Rescued

It was late June that Nami received an email from a boy about a dog slaughterhouse in Tobong district in Seoul.

The email had a few attachment and Nami needed to take action right away.

The site was located in such a secluded up in the mountain hidden. Nami called the police and the District office officials to be at the site present to pull all the dogs on the day. It was tough as the slaughter scene was right next to the dogs, Nami had 119 SOS (Korean version of 911 US)  helpers from the region. It took 5 hours to get them all out with the help. All the dogs resisted refused to be pulled. To the dogs being taken out of the cages means “Death” It was a big struggle.

Initially the total heads was 14 then Nami found out there were two more that the butcher was hiding them up in the forest. Nami went back to get the two remaining dogs and the rescue was completed. Half of the dogs are highly traumatized, some are already warming up.

The butcher turned out he is 80 years old this year spent whole life raising the dogs and supplying the meat in the region.The butcher is gone out of business but Nami keeps monitoring keeping her eyes on the butcher.