Dear UK adopters, here is the latest for the dogs flying to London.

Thank you for opening your hearts and homes. I was so happy to meet you in person when I was in London and Glasgow.

The link was updated and we are booking the flights for the dogs to fly to you.

The auction group paid for all the heart worm treatments that were costly. HUGE THANKS from the doggies!
Dr.Kim was with us 4th June to check on the dogs under heartworm treatment. Had Freckle as a sample, could see from the test its slowly going away. The dogs are all done with the treatment, four shots and three weeks medications are completed.

The test won’t determine 100 % cleared due to worm eggs, I am sending a test kit (under the pouch attached to the crate for you to do your own test to get “200% Clear” confirmation. Please take the dog to your vet and run the test in September or October at your vet in UK. As for the tapeworm treatment, we are switching to Drontal. Dr.Kim was with us for that today 25th June.

Meanwhile, the dogs are flying one by one by Korean Air, KE 907 arriving Heathrow at 5:30 pm. Flight schedule confirmed with the homes are as follows. The airway bills and the copies of those papers will be sent to you before the shipment.

Please speak to the broker and send the airway bills to them at the airport. This is a MUST for the homes to receive your dog(s)

Flight schedule confirmed with the homes is as follows:
23rd June: Freckle to Flavie.
26th June: Holly and Star to Jonathan Thrush.
26th June: Bunny to Drea , Nacho to Tristan.
26th June: Mary to Lizzie
29th June: Marbles to Elizabeth
29th June: Mini, Pin and Haru to Lisa
29th June: Gem, Dana and Dani to Paws2Rescue
3rd July: Lily to Anja.
3rd June: Willy to Peggy.

I am very happy to be able to send them to you to the UK. Thank you all again for opening your heart and home.

Thank you very much!