All 16 dogs bound for the UK were with the homes by end of June 2017.

From the 20th of June to 3rd July 2017, all the dogs that had waited in quarantine for 4 months were flown out to the UK. All are now in their new homes, thriving and living the life they deserve.

It was a long long process but all the 16 dogs (including Jane, our first dog flew to London with me) are enjoying the life at loving homes.

We are opening the doors to the UK again. have Silky (adopted by Lucia Faith) and Ron (adopted by Louise Travett) in July. They are undergoing the process and getting ready to fly. Both are considered as “traumatized dogs” this is why I appreciate even more.

Thank you!
Silky, Ron, Lady and Moo have passed the blood tests after a month of rabies shots, so has Mia.

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